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Streaker Sports Rare Shorts Caption Contest!

StreAKER Sports Citylax caption contest connor grant
Caption Contest away!

Usually we do Caption Contests on Fridays, but since we’ll be in Tahoe this Friday playing some sweet lax with the Woozles, we wanted to make sure we got something additional up for our fair readers.  And that is where Streaker Sports stepped in BIG TIME!  We’ve got a pair of rare shorts, and a pair of SUPER RARE, these ain’t retail shorts as well!  Los Tigres!

So here’s the deal:  Want to win either a) The Hopkins classic ’83 remake shorts or b) The Princeton Team Order “Los Tigres” Shorts in los tres colores de España?  Well all you have to do is comment on the photo (seen below) on either Streaker Sports or facebook pages.  And if you haven’t already, Like! us both!  Well, you have to, in order to win!

Streaker Sports Hopkins Tigres Shorts rare lacrosse

Los Tigres o El Johns Hopkins Jays de Azul!

Each page will have a winner!  The Streaker Sports winner gets to choose WHICH shorts they get, and the LAS winner gets the other pair.  So get to commenting!  Clean, funny, appropriate comments are winners more often than not.  We just want you to be creative and smahhhht!

SS will pick their page’s winner. LAS will pick our page’s winner.  Likes, replies, etc all help, but the final say comes down to the LAS/SS crews!

Comment on Streaker Sports Facebook Page photo.

Comment on Facebook Page photo.

StreAKER Sports Citylax caption contest connor grant

Caption Contest away!

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