String Your Own: Vertical Twist Top String


We’ve got something special for today’s revival of Topstring Tuesday.

A few days ago, I was reading through the Lacrosse Community Forum and stumbled upon an older post about dropped top strings.

I started looking at old dropped top strings that I had strung up and then dove into the depths of the interwebs to see what other people had done up. I think that one issue I have had with stringing a dropped top string like an Iroquois Top String is getting the tension right.

With that in mind, I wanted to try something that kept the top of the pocket tight without having to add a rail like piece of crosslace that you would use in a Huron Top String.

I came across a Vertical Twist Dropped Top String and decided I would do a tutorial on how I strung mine up.

Dropped top string tutorials

Start by stringing your mesh to the sidewall. I chose to skip 4 sidewall holes on this Easton Stealth as the head is wide and has a lot of sidewall holes.

I used a 9 diamond row of mesh as my head has 6 holes up top for stringing.

It helps if you string a few diamonds to the sidewall to keep the mesh in place and give the pocket it’s initial shape.


String the top string through the bottom of the second diamond on the nine diamond row and back up to the top of the head.

Knot the top string to the first top string hole. I used a double top string knot to help with tension.


Here is where you add the twists. I used two twists based off of the depth of my pocket.

After your twists, run the top string back under the next diamond on your nine diamond row.

Dropped top string tutorials

Repeat this process across the top of the head.


String your sidewalls, add your shooters, and ball so hard.

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