Stylin’ Strings Dye Contest: LAS Dyed Head Giveaway!!!

Stylin Strings Custom Lax All Stars Dye Job CONTEST

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StylinStrings just turned 10 years old, and is surprisingly just joining Lacrosse All Stars. After years of being at the forefront of the stringing and dyeing customization movement, StylinStrings went underground for the last few years, reinventing itself to launch back into the mainstream lacrosse media world with a bang!  And what better way than with a dye contest on!?!?!?!

A new website, new management, remodeled retail store in York PA, expanded dye lab, stick photography/video studio, and full team of string/dye artists… StylinStrings is here to stay, especially now as a featured contributer to Lax All Stars!

Originally, we asked SS to outline a custom project that we could use as an entry to help set a high bar in a dye contest.  They took the LAS brand and chopped on an STX Revolver head with the red and blue theme, and their dye was SO good, it just would not have been fair for SS to enter the competition (Editor’s note: these guys are PROS!).  So instead, LAS welcomed StylinStrings as a featured contributor to dye the prize stick and sponsor the contest. We’ll get to how you can enter and win this head at the bottom of the post!!!

The rest is history. SS started with a white head and a vision to replicate the LAS logo on the top of the head. The dye would have to split the left side of the head with royal and the right side of the head red, using the down angle of the LAS man’s stick from the actual LAS logo.

Getting started on the dye...

All the lettering was done while the stick was white including the web site address on the 2nd level of plastic on the sidewalls of the head.  Three sizes of stars were also used on the top of the head to match the actual LAS logo, but reversed out of the red.  Then, three larger sized stars were used around the outside of the head to compliment the body lines of the Revolver. One of the coolest features is a 5″ tall Lax All Stars man on the inside bottom, on the royal side of the head, which wraps around the plastic.

Great marbling work!

SS also experimented with some strategic placement of the marble effect on just the outside faces of the plastic to keep the inside, and inside lip, rich and bold, in order to lously display the writing.

The biggest complication was holding the stick still on those angles, while the water vapors were boiling Dustin’s arms, to maintain crisp lines to pull off the desired effect.

Those lines sure are crisp though!

After the stick was dyed, Dustin Dohm (owner of SS) gave Justin Skaggs (operations manager) the head, with instructions to string the top string and sidewall on the royal side royal and vice versa. The mesh used is red with red strikered shooters to accentuate the dye job.

Just look at that top string! Two colors! So cool.

Stay tuned for more custom projects from StylinStrings on and on, and do us a favor – like those guys on Facebook and welcome them to the LaxAllStars team!


We’re keeping it simple for this one – Dye up your own lacrosse head at home, and email us 3 photos of it to!

The 3 pictures should be as follows:

1) A photo of the white head.

2) A photo of the head in the middle of the process.

3) At LEAST 1 photo of the finished product!

After we receive your entry via email, we will post a photo of the finished dye job in an album on our Facebook page. The photo with the most likes and comments from other Facebook users will win this amazing, one of a kind dye job!  How cool is that?!?!?!

Oh yeah, almost forgot – there’s a little bonus for you too: LAS and SS comments count for an automatic 20 likes! Make us proud, and we’ll make your day.

The contest begins NOW (Cinco de Mayo) and continues until THURSDAY, MAY 26th! You now have 3 weeks to dye up a head, send us pictures and get your friends to like your entry on facebook! It’s time to dye!

Note: Dyeing is messy! Get your parents/roommates permission before doing this. This competition is only open to individuals.  tores, professional dyers and others that LAS deems “too professional” will not be considered as winners.

Nice pocket on the spoon!
The detail work is staggering. And perfect.
Stylin Strings Custom Lax All Stars Dye Job
Perfect shooters too!