Stylin’ Strings Must Dye: Redrum Lacrosse Head

well done!


Editor’s NoteStylinStrings is back with another post on LAS!  Their first post showed off the SS dyed head they did for ONE LUCKY LAS READER!  All you have to do is dye up a stick and send us photos to be entered to win!  Details are in the Stylin’ String Dye Contest Post.  SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN ASAP!!!!  We realized that three weeks probably wasn’t enough time to get a really good dye in, so we’ve expanded the deadline.  Now you have until June 15th!  If you already submitted, feel free to submit AGAIN!  Your old entry will also be considered.

Now it’s time to get a little creepy, and go a little… crazy?  Don’t mind if I do! REDRUM Dye!


StylinStrings Chops out an STX Proton to match a Brine Redrum Swizzbeat shaft!

For this episode of Lax County Choppers, the guys at Stylin Strings got a unique request from a call -in customer. Maddy Jacobs from Forest Virginia wanted to get her boyfriend, Landon Moore, a sweet custom stick for Christmas.  She knew he had ordered from SS before so she went covert and had SS pull what head he had purchased in the past, which turned out to be an STX Proton with a Stylin Strings favorite Mesh-X pocket.

Proton is a classicly fine spoon.

Maddy knew Landon had a Brine Redrum Swizzbeat shaft that he loved so she outlined the creative for SS to match that shaft. This was all Dustin needed to come up with a blood splattered, dripping, Mikey Powell logo heart beat, mash up of a stick.


The head was dyed a light grey first, then the swizzbeat pattern was applied to the top of the head and the bottom left side. Then the head was dyed red. That’s when the fun began. The blood splats and drips were strategically placed on random spots on the head. Then a spray technique was applied to certain areas over the stickers. The Redrum text on the shaft was matched as close as possible from was of SS’s stock sticker fonts making sure the D and the R were reversed.

Four MP logos were also dyed red to match the shaft one on the top, one on the bottom and two housing the SS ballstop.

MP logos!

Once the head was prepped it was dipped black and peeled to reveal another sick dye from the SS DYE LAB. But, the job wasn’t complete, they had to match the dye with a Mesh-X pocket. Black leathers, sidewall, soft mesh, coils, and shooting strings kept the pocket murdered -out so you focused more on the dye. Just some grey traditional middle channels were added to match the Swizzbeat vibe.

well done!

That concludes another full custom job from the guys at, and be sure to Follow SS on their facebook page for special deals and exclusive stick releases!

sweet sidewall work.
Custom ball stop and all!