Lacrosse Is Not That Easy: Suave Matthews Vs Matthews

Casey Clay Matthews Suave lacrosse
So smooth! Overflow!

Casey and Clay Matthews have teamed up with Suave (because they have beautiful golden locks of flowage) to produce the Suave Matthews Vs. Matthews sports videos, where they try to learn new sports and talk about their hair. In the lacrosse portion, they look pretty darn good! Guess these guys are natural athletes! Of course when you watch the bloopers, you won’t be QUITE as impressed… but still, a great effort for their first time with the sport.

Now if they really want to become lax superstars, all these guys need to do is give LAS a call, and we’ll hook them up with some private lessons. Maybe Connor will even compare hair tips with them. He’s more of a Keratase kind of guy though… his hair is like a brillo pad!

Lacrosse: Matthews vs. Matthews

The Bloopers!

Bloopers: Matthews vs. Matthews

Ok, back to reality there. See, fellas? Lax ain’t that easy! And GREAT, now all I can think about is Oregon or USC adding D1 lacrosse!

Thanks to Matt Corry of Team Jesse for the find!  Awesome sauce, Matt!