Summer Fun: Lacrosse Photo Blog With Mike Brand


Editor’s Note: Mike Brand has been all over the country already and it’s not even July! Throughout the Summer, Mike will be snapping iPhone photos and sending them in to us so we can show you how great the lax life truly is!

So far, we’ve covered Summer Gear, the NCAA Tournament, the MCLA Tournament, and finally, Summer’s Arrival! Check out Mike’s older posts for a taste of early Summer, and see below for the here and now of lax!


I have been in Texas, Maryland, New York (hey Buffalo and NYC!), Pennsylvania, and all over New England this Summer… I’ve seen trapeze schools, ALL of Chinatown in NYC, and more dorm and hotel rooms than I will ever remember. There has also been a ton of lacrosse! It’s been an epic Summer so far…

My travels will continue for the months of July and August so if you see me out there, come on over, introduce yourself, and maybe you’ll make it up on! Now get out, have fun and play some lacrosse.