Summer Tournament Series: Vail Shootout Updates Trickling In


Along with the excellent coverage that the Vail Shootout itself provides, LAS has operatives all over the place out in Colorado and when big things happen, you’ll know about it.

So far, Brine Elite, featuring players like Neal Anderson [sick player you may have never heard of], Billy and Matt Bitter, Ryan Danehy and John Ortolani [top level face off guy] took it to the Vendettas in the opening round.  The Vendettas don’t have any big name sponsors but they are hooked up with a top level restaurant in Vail proper.  Good luck to Raef Mattingly, Shannon Sturz and Mark Fortunato of Southampton of the Gotham Lacrosse League who are all playing with the Vendettas this weekend.

Dunn Financial [with a guest appearance by RJ Ancona of Southampton] lost a tough first round game to Victorious Secret [great name] which features a majority of both local players from Colorado and some Pennsylvania imports.  Speaking of imports [well imported from beautiful LI anyway!], RJ was able to locate some Southampton Double Whites at a local store.  Looks like our legendary sponsor has made it pretty far west!

Other notes coming from “the SPY”:  

Some of the teams are absolutely loaded with talent both young and old.  The Powell brothers are taking the summer off from the MLL and were expected to attend but are MIA so far at least on the playing field.  Rosters are set on the 30th for Men’s Elite so it doesn’t look like we’ll be see any Carthage-style lacrosse this year.  The altitude is killer both on your lungs and on your tolerance for beer. 3 Coors Lights and you’re toast.  Expect the night life out in Vail to be as interesting as ever!

There will be more games today and then the best of the best are sorted and the toughest games begin as Vail BEGINS the tournament with set brackets and once you lose you move to the consolation brackets.  It is simply the BEST way to run a tourney.  Good luck to everyone who made it out there!