Summer Tourney: Breckenridge Quickstick


Team 5280‘s entry into the Breckenridge Quickstick tournament featured a hand-full of dudes from this spring’s Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League squad (lost in the finals), a couple of ringers, and eleven 18 year old lax bros fresh out of hike-school.

The team consisted of your standard mid-late 20 somethings (CU, Tufts, Ohio State and Wesleyan alum among others) while the youngins were headed off to lax their best years away at exotic sleep away camps such as Whittier, DU, Chapman and CSU. Shit-eating grins across the board.

Special shout outs to Chris Spangler (Cuse ’95) for coaching and providing SICK unis, and Doug Gulick (Ohio State sometime in the 80’s) for winning almost every face off and talking smack with the youngins out there.

Think of Breck as a WAY more laid back Vail consisting of local CO clubs. It’s a smaller community out here, so you see the same heads of meat at most of these things. You can recognize them by the horrific lax tats. Speaking of which, HUGE shout out to 5280’s Hunter Hall (Whittier ’14) for sporting this Colorad-bro ink job.

Hunter later answered the call by dropping helmet/gloves. These colors don't run.

Night time consisted of slamming wings at Eric’s with the “children” and roaming the mean streets of Breckenridge looking for foosball competition and local Rockabilly hoedowns with THE Thomas Bendon of Wesleyan 07′ fame.

Big Cat Tom Bendon

As for the tourney play… we dropped our first match to the Steamboat Bonesaws (yup… the Steamboat. Bonesaws.), which immediately placed us in the loser’s bracket, which we proceeded to dominate. Had a close one with the Denver club Wicked (like the musical), but other than that we more or less cruised. This facilitated half assed show boating and plenty of bench noise.

The highlight of the weekend was stumbling upon a parking lot tent in between Saturday games and having an impromptu bro-down complete with ugly string jobs and skinny white teenagers blasting tunes, including this absolute JAM by Swollen Members that samples none other than Long Island laxer Billy Joel.

Lax at 9,600 feet ain’t no joke. And although we only came away with the consolation prize, I’d like to think we all left that weekend a little stronger, a little wiser and with a little chip on our shoulders from loosing to a team from Steamboat. Called The Bonesaws.

Double Rainbow?

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