Sweet Sweet Sunday


Everyone can use something sweet on Sundays. You may have a big week coming up, but rather than stressing just relax and enjoy your day with a little light reading.

SweetSweetLax.com, you’ve been there right? Make sure you check in with SSL each and every day. It goes great with breakfast, lunch or dinner.


SSL posted it. 412 hated on it. LPG enjoyed it. You might as well say Arizona went viral.


It may not be bad at all, but red chrome, blue chrome, pink chrome… it’s everywhere. The number of choices keep increasing and the fad continues to get more and more publicity. Remember when Sea Monkeys were cool too?


How did these Jordan high heels make it onto Sweet Sweet Lax? We may never know.

And that’s all just a taste of what you may have missed by not visiting Sweet Sweet Lax regularly this week. Remember, staying informed on your lax and lifestyle fashion is vital to your on field success. It’s just as important as taking multivitamins and drinking your muscle milk.