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Syracuse Vs Duke: Live Photos and Blog

Syracuse Vs Duke - D1 Finals

Chris Rosenthall has been in Philly all weekend, taking in the games, and providing his thoughts on the weekend. Tommy Gilligan is in Philly shooting the D1 title game, and he got some amazing shots from Le Moyne’s D2, and Stevenson’s D3, title games yesterday. If you missed the D3 game, it was stellar! Check out Tom’s post on Stevenson’s title win, and don’t miss Connor English’s backhand shove shot effort. Worth watching again.

Today, we’re back with a Live Blog, where Chris (and Connor) will keep you updated and entertained, and where Tommy will wow us with game photos as this title tilt goes on.

Looks like we’re in for another BEAUTY of a day!


Check in close to game time for more…

Game Photos in the Post.

Commentary from Chris and Connor in the Comments! JOIN US!

Pre Game photos:

1st Half Photos. Quite a game!

Second half photos…

Duke wins 16-10. Blue Devils really brought the heat in the third and fourth!

Rosie gets chummy with some ballers.


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