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Red Bull baggataway lacrosse boston event

Red Bull Baggataway Lacrosse Event In Boston Just Got Realer.

0 - Published July 12, 2011 by in Club, Interviews, Pro Lacrosse

Do you have more questions about the recent Red Bull Baggataway event in Boston? Well we did too. And thankfully, we found a participant to answer those questions! Collin with the inside scoop! Awesome stuff as always.

Red Bull Baggataway Lacrosse Tournament Boston

Baggataway, Not Lacrosse, In Boston? This Is Real, I Think.

4 - Published July 12, 2011 by in Club, Pro Lacrosse

Full contact lacrosse with no pads on? You can not be serious! Oh, Red Bull and Boston were quite serious! What could this mean for the sport of lacrosse? Is this future? What does this mean for the Women’s Game????? Confused? Don’t be!