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Video: HUGE Lacrosse Slash – Ouch

0 - Published September 30, 2013 by in Club, Videos

Week 3 of ULAX’s NYC league is done and said for, and we’ll have highlights from two games later on today. For now, feast your eyes on a huge Slash of Death that yours truly took squarely on the knee this past Sunday. It’s a doozy!


Hot Pot Of Lax: The Cheapest Shot

4 - Published October 24, 2012 by in Hot Pot

The Hot Pot has important news, great box lacrosse video and the most egregious slash to the neck of all time. It hurts to just watch it.


Caption Contest!

10 - Published September 22, 2012 by in College, The Life

We publish a fantastic photo every Friday, and if you drop the best Photo Caption in the comments section of this post, we hook you up with sweet LAS gear from the Lacrosse Shop!

Lacrosse Player Goes Crazy: Classic Slash, Chase And Tackle

0 - Published September 5, 2012 by in Youth

Want to watch a youth lacrosse player absolutely lose their mind on the field? Get slashed, slash them back, drop your stick and tackle your opponent! Is this how we honor and Grow The Game?