Tahoe Uniform Review: LacrosseWear.com

Woozles in Tahoe - 2009
Woozles in Tahoe – 2009

Six years ago I walked in to a local sporting goods store with a unique request: pink reversible uniforms.  The man behind the counter gave me a long quizzical look before finally muttering something along the lines of, “we don’t carry pink mesh…nobody ever asks for it.”  It was the same story everywhere I went, and before long, our club team had to settle for black uniforms with pink screen print.

The world of uniform design can be rather boxed in at times.  Remember when every team in your high school league was rocking Warrior Team USA style uniforms?  Today Nike seems to have cornered the market. Variety has never been commonplace in lacrosse, and consequently, finding a team with a completely unique look can be difficult.

Enter LacrosseWear.com.

Our LAS staff team (Woozle Lacrosse Club) recently ventured west to partake in the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, and while our success on the scoreboard wasn’t on par with previous trips, we certainly dominated the field in terms of most kick-ass uniforms.  A couple of the areas that put us over the edge:

Woozles_full jersey
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Customizing Options

The employee at that sporting goods store six years ago was probably right.  Not many men’s lacrosse teams are requesting pink uniforms.  But does that mean they shouldn’t be available?  Getting exactly what we wanted was a major advantage of going through LacrosseWear.  Have you ever read a book and come up with your own image of what the characters should look like in your head, only to be disappointed when a movie version is made and the actors look completely different?  Very frustrating.  Also not an issue for us when ordering these unis.  What we conjured up was what we got, with very little compromise.

Reversible - Check the # print
Check the #’s


No flimsiness here.  The mesh on these guys will last us for a number of years.  Good news for any team that doesn’t want to replace their gear every season.  Something that really stood out to us, however, was the material used to make the shorts; which more closely resemble board shorts than anything we had worn while playing lacrosse before.  A little strange at first, but ultimately we found that this material kept us incredibly cool.  Not to mention, nobody had to change when moving from the game field to the beach.

When you get what you want and the product is of a high quality, what more can you ask for?

Final Grade: Solid A