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Take 5 With KH18: Top Players At LXM This Weekend


Event note: It’s not too late to meet Kyle if you’re in Southern Cal this weekend (Saturday, 11/21). He’s hosting a clinic with Team STX. You can purchase tickets at Also, follow LXM on Twitter for updates or become a fan on Facebook. Check out our interview from earlier this week too!

Well, this week I’ve decided to go with the Top Five guys I’m the most excited to watch play this weekend at LXM. There are tons of great players coming out to Orange County this weekend – definitely some dudes that are going to put on a SHOW. These are in no specific order, but these are the guys that come Saturday night at 5PM, will be making the crowd go crazy.

#1. Graham Gill

Gill lead Navy to the 2004 NCAA Title Game


Gill lead Navy to the 2004 NCAA title game

In my opinion, he’s one of the best midfielders of our generation…this cat can straight up play. Doesn’t do anything ridiculously fancy, but he makes plays on BOTH sides of the ball. Offensively, he’ll run by people and shoot the ball on the run with either hand, and he’s one of the few offensive midfielders who cut well (it’s almost awkward how good he is at finding seams and finishing inside). Unlike a ton of middies, he stays on the field and plays defense, and when he gets the ball in the open field he’s at his best. All you young midfielders out there that are coming to LXM this weekend, make sure you’ve got your eyes on #12, you’ll learn a lot.

#2. Mickey Jarboe

2007 MLL All Star Game 314

I was fortunate enough to play with Mickey in L.A. for a summer, and what makes him great is he NEVER gives up rebounds. Mick catches EVERYTHING and gets that thing out of his stick SO quickly. A few summers ago we got a ridiculous amount of transition because anytime he made a save, we took off up field and he hit dudes in stride with his outlet passes. He’s a GREAT leader and one of the best goalies to ever play this sport.

#3. John Walker

john walker

He’s an absolutely crazy athlete, and I was fortunate enough to watch him play a few times my senior year in college (we both graduated in 2005). He was a Tewaaraton Finalist with me senior year, and sitting in that banquet watching his highlights was OUT OF CONTROL! When he’s feeling it, his moves are every bit as devastating as Mikey Powell’s behind the goal. To me, John is the perfect example of an incredible athlete who spent the time and developed his skills and turned himself into an absolute MONSTER on the field. If you’re a dodger, make sure to get your eyes on him this weekend as he’ll definitely be shaking a few people on his way to the goal.

#4. Tom Garvey

Garvey vs Harrison

Garvey vs. Harrison

Garv was one of my roommates for 3 years in college, a first team all American, a starter in the pro league and an absolute monster on the ball. In college, when Garvey was covering the ball, we were slow to go (hardly ever slid). He plays his angles VERY well, and without a doubt he will be covering Mike Powell this weekend for a good portion of the game.

#5. Mikey Powell


Not that I even need an explanation here, but he may be in the top 3 for most exciting players (and best) to EVER play. From his change of direction to his stick handling ability, to his creativity, he’s in a league of his own and will without a doubt put on a show this weekend.

There are tons more that I could toss on this list for sure, like Trevor Tierney or Scott Urick, who are two of the best to ever do it. Bottom line, it’s going to be a GREAT show this weekend and I can’t wait to watch all of these guys play. But make sure to keep an eye when Tom Garvey gets matched up on Mikey Powell because that will without a doubt be fun to see! I got to watch it for 3 years of college and it was a show every single time! Next week, I’ll be doing my top five favorite midfielders of all time!

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Tune in next week for another round with KH18. In the meantime, follow Kyle on Twitter and check out his Yardbarker blog!

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