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Kyle Harrison: Top Air Jordans of All Time

Kyle Harrison: Top Air Jordans of All Time

Welcome to the 3rd edition of ‘Take 5 With Kyle Harrison’. Each week we dish Kyle a new topic, challenging him to pick his Top 5. This week: Top Air Jordans Of All Time.

Well, for starters, in my opinion there is NOTHING better (as far as shoes go) than Jordans. So, I figured this week for my top five, I’d go with the top five Air Jordans of all time. We’re at a point now where the Jordan brand is SO big that they’re pumping out all kinds of shoes, from running joints, to hooping ones, casual, dress shoes and anything else you can think of.

The ones I’m picking in my top five are from the Original J’s, 1-23:

#1 Jordan XI


There’s NO better looking shoe than the Jordan 11’s, Carolina edition. I hooped with them in high school (and played lax on turf too), and I have a pair of Carolina ones that I’ll never put on and haven’t even taken out of the box yet. IMO, aesthetically, there hasn’t been a shoe that’s been even close to that thing. You could rock those with jeans, shorts, hoop in them…they were absolutely perfect. I’ve got a plain pair of black and white ones that I rock sometimes now, but nothing could ever compare to the Carolina edition Jordan 11’s.

[Ed’s note: We need to get our hands on a better picture of the Carolina 11’s. Send us a pic if you got it!]

#2 Jordan I


I love how these shoes look, always have. But the fact that they were MJ’s first shoe, and what he represented to the sport at this particular time, they had to be high up on the list! This cat came into the league going AFTER PEOPLE! It was out of control and to me, that’s what this shoe symbolizes, a young, reckless and extremely talented basketball player at the beginning of his amazing journey.

#3 Jordan III


These joints are just like the 1’s in that they represent an AWESOME time in his career, but I got to be honest… these look FRESH with a pair of jeans! Rocking these puppy’s all the time these days and they haven’t aged at all.  Add in the fact that you can get these joints in all kinds of crazy colors, they become some of the hottest shoes of all time.

#4 Jordan VIII


Aesthetically, these don’t compare to the first three listed, but as far as hooping goes, I thought these were SO comfortable. My only concern with them was that they were pretty high high tops, so I felt awkward rocking them with jeans or shorts. But, since the Sky Top Supra’s came out everyone is into ridiculously high high tops anyway, so they could be making a come back!

#5 Jordan IV


I feel like right around the 11’s, J’s started to take a different look and became more of just basketball shoes and not so much shoes that you’d rock out to the store, club, or where ever else you wanted to go. These are similar to the look of the 3’s IMO, with a kind of 3-quarter height to them. I dig these shoes because not only can you wear them anywhere as far as off the court goes, but you can pretty much do any kind of training in them too.

I’m sure you can tell, but the majority of the shoes I love are ones that can be warn off the court (field) as well. Not only was MJ the coldest hooper of all time, but no one is even close to his shoe game off the court either.


About the author: A Tewaaraton winner now playing for the MLL’s Denver OutlawsKyle Harrison has been a star in college and the pro’s.  He is one of the few lacrosse players embracing social media and giving fans a way to connect with him online daily.

Tune in next week – same time, same place – for another round of Take 5 With KH18. In the meantime, follow Kyle on Twitter and check out his Yardbarker blog!

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