Texas Lacrosse Drop: TXST, St. Mary’s, Incarnate Word


Editor’s Note: Josh Acut is back on LAS with another Texas sized Lacrosse Drop! He’s checking in with Texas State, an MCLA D1 team, St. Mary’s Hall and the University of the Incarnate Word! Grow Texas Lacrosse is real! For more on Texas Lacrosse, make sure you check out last week’s StickStar Report as well!

Texas State – A Whole New Program

I went to the Texas State/University of Texas-San Antonio game last night and it was a good time. It is the first time that I have seen Texas State play in person, and they are pretty solid. Their attack was very quick and consistent off transition, and they were not scared to cut into traffic for the opportunity to score.

They are a well rounded offense that can move the ball around patiently or run a quick fast break with 1-2 pass scores. Defensively, they didn’t have as much action as the offense did, but from what I saw, they put up a good wall, communicated well, and recognized when they needed to help in an “iso” situation. They were very good on transitioning the ball up field through passing. Very patient, very physical, but not overly intimidating at first glance.

This was simply more proof to never judge a book by its cover. Opposing offenses better be textbook with off ball movement and going after ground balls, because Texas State will capitalize efficiently on mistakes. I had the chance to meet Coach Mike Brand, even though we have traded emails, FB messages, and tweets for a couple years now, and it was a good conversation.

His vision of where Texas State lacrosse, Texas lacrosse in general for that matter, is exponential. They have a very good amount of support from the student body and the school, and he pulls kids from all over. Him coming to Texas State, if anything, will raise the level of competition quickly. Personally, I think the NCAA route is in the works, but I didn’t ask him nor did I want an answer, because it gives me an open canvas to dream of NCAA lacrosse in Central/South Texas.

*Side Note: I have watched lacrosse games on TV (Pro, College, etc) and I can honestly say that the Texas State following/fan base is amazing. Especially since it’s “just” Texas lacrosse… Oh, I almost forgot to give the final score. It was Texas State over UTSA, 25-3!

St. Mary’s Hall – They are GIVERS!

Now for a HUGE #GTG story! As you may have read, Highlands HS Lacrosse in San Antonio launched a lacrosse team this past year. It’s kids are not typical lacrosse players, the school is an inner city school with Title 1 designation (low-income), and even with that the kids still had the desire and dedication to launch a 1st year Varsity program. Here is a GREAT video on the program.

On the opposite side is St. Mary’s Hall, coached by Colin Guy. St. Mary’s Hall is a private school, rich with lacrosse tradition, and can be arguably be described as one of the best teams in San Antonio and Central, TX. Coach Guy wanted to help Highlands. He put together a clinic and equipment drive, and in all things GTG that is amazing enough. He also put together a fundraiser, in which St. Mary’s Hall and a donor that matched the funds, that ended with Coach Guy being able to present Highlands with a check for $1400.00!

highlands pic

Reagan Lacrosse had donated helmets and funds towards the launch of the program, Texas State gave them the equipment to be able to play, and now St. Mary’s Hall has enabled them to continue on past this year as well as pay for all the costs incurred throughout the season. Here is a clip of the local news station doing a story on Highlands and St. Mary’s Hall.

New College Team In Texas

And last but not least, there is a new college team in the works in San Antonio. They are the University of the Incarnate Word Lacrosse team. They have the players, have already garnered support from the University Athletic Department, and a LSA/MCLA board member is already trading communications back and forth with them.

There are a number of players with HS and College experience, as well as both field and box lacrosse time under their belts. It is going to be interesting to see what happens with this program in the months to come. These guys want to play, and have the overall formula to succeed, so now we wait.

Peace, Love, and Laxiness,
Josh “Chewy” Acut