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Earlier this week, Con Bro Chill released its newest music video to rave reviews in the lacrosse world.

Listening to Dance Thief, the “neon power party pop” song featured in the video, while watching the story line of this video unfold, I could not help but feel a since of nostalgia. It reminded me of the Power Rangers, Captain Planet, TMNT and all those other high-quality, action-packed kids television shows from the 90’s.

I text messaged Connor Martin, the biggest star to come out of the MCLA, shortly after watching his performance and requested an interview. What follows is our conversation, word-for-word, about the new video, the challenge of learning to ride a solo wheel, the power of the lacrosse community, and defective roman candles.

JB: Text message interview?

CM: Talk soon? Just got done w/ lax

JB: Let me interview you via text message and ill put our convo on the site. 5 questions.

CM: K cool. Driving so will do it later

JB: All good.

CM: Hit me w/ firs brew

JB: What was your inspiration for this new video?

CM: Solo wheels. Once we found out these existed we knew we had to make a video of us cruising around saving the day on solo wheels. We also wanted to include live footage of our concert to show the public how fun our shows are. We found a way to link these 2 beautiful things together and filled in the rest w/ insanity and neon.

JB: So the video took you guys about 3 months to create… How much of that time was spent solo wheels training?

CM: Yes, the solo wheels… it took us like a month to get good at them. 2 weeks to learn and be confident. Those things are amazing but super hard off the bat. But once your cruising it’s like floating weightless through time. Heaven…

JB: By now I’ve heard CBC’s style of music described a lot of ways. How would YOU describe your tunes to someone who’s never heard them before?

CM: Neon Power party

CM: Pop

CM: Add the words fun, upbeat, and I like to say we’re a mix between LMFAO, OkGo, Queen, and Andrew WK. Can only hope to be a fraction of what Queen was. Gods among children…

JB: “Con Bro Chill” the performer has roots in lacrosse, but has taken big steps toward the mainstream over the past year. At this point, what percentage of your fans would you say are lacrosse fans?

CM: I think the majority are still the lax goof balls all over the country. I’d obviously be nowhere without the lacrosse community but the videos definitely have little to do w/ lax and are all about the music and fun and goin wild which isn’t necessarily specific to our sport. I’ve been very intentional about separating lacrosse and the band because they are so different. Obviously I’m the common denominator but I like to focus on playing lacrosse and coaching kids through Boom Town as Connor Martin the pro lacrosse player and if they like CBC than great, but if they don’t it shouldn’t matter, we can still enjoy lacrosse together. To force comedy, music, creativity, and art into a sport community is ridiculous. It’s very subjective what people think is funny or creative or catchy. Im just fortunate our tight knit community has some fun people who appreciate my other side. No matter, I can promise I could have fun playing lacrosse w/ any of you. Even Brian Spallina and I shook hands and got a little man hug in the other day! Lax is great equalizer!

CM: Whoa, big answer

JB: Good one, too!

JB: Finally, what exactly was going through your mind when your ray gun was malfunctioning at the end of the video?

CM: Hahaha we were dying laughing. I was thinking this Roman candle is a genius making us look so pathetic. Easily my favorite part of the video. We have always loved a good blooper time so we always make sure and squeeze em in for the final cut.

JB: Awesome, thanks Connor. I’ll get something good up this week. What day does your tour start?

CM: Thursday in San Diego. Info at conbrochill.com/live-shows

CM: Thanks Jeff! Love me some LaxAllstars!

JB: Have a great time on the road.

CM: Thanks buds

Con Bro Chill kicks off it’s February slate of live shows tonight at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California. From there, the band will venture all over California, make a stop in Scottsdale, Arizona, grace Eugene, Oregon with its presence, follow I-5 up to Washington and Canada, and end up in Portland for the grand finale.

For more information, visit ConBroChill.com/Live-Shows.

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