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Thailand Lacrosse Alternate Glove Custom Design

Thailand_Hong Kong_Lacrosse 3

The Thailand Lacrosse Association is teaming up with STX Lacrosse on the equipment front now and while things aren’t necessarily finalized, it looks like a final deal is on the horizon because we just got these STX Assault custom designed mock ups and these look like the final version.  It’s not set in stone, but I hope they end up looking like this, because these gloves are pretty.  Just plain old pretty.  Great success.

“Thailand” won’t be on the glove, in its place will instead be “Siam”.  This pays tribute to the organized society and nation that existed before Thailand entered its current incarnation.  Kind of like The American Revolution using the Gadsden Flag or the original Betsy Ross flag on their uniforms.  Even if one likes where their country is now, its always good for a nation to look back on its past and remember where it came from.  Salute to the Thailand crew for making this a small theme of their alternate jersey.  Classy move for a bunch of International lacrosse first-timers, but I’m biased, because I genuinely like these guys!

How badly do you want a pair of these gray beauties?

Final Grey STX Assault Lacrosse gloves Thailand lax

Love the black on the inside of the wrist. So subtle.


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TLA Sticker by Thailand Lacrosse

Free TLA stickers for everyone YEA!!

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