Thailand Lacrosse: Constantly Stepping Up Their Game

Thailand Lacrosse. Know 'bout it.

The Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA) Thas recently made a big announcement.  They have secured an official home field for the next three years!  This is really quite an accomplishment and I know of some MLL and NLL teams that wish they could boast that.

Thailand Lacrosse. Know ’bout it.

The TLA will be using IMPACT‘s stadium, aka Yamaha Stadium, as their base of home operations for the foreseeable future and this will allow them to make bids for the ASPAC (Asia Pacifici Lacrosse Association) Tournament games, held every 2 years, host opposing national sides and visiting teams alike as well as launch the Thailand Invitational Lacrosse Tournament from a fantastic venue in year 1.

Thailand Lacrosse gets serious love.

LAS will definitely be sending a team to Thailand or at least jumping on with a team of other guys fror that tourney.  Connor Wilson in particular is excited to play some more lacrosse on the other side of the planet.  The IMPACT Stadium can hold 22,000 people and has 50 VIP boxes and this is a good thing because Thailand is embracing lacrosse VERY quickly.  At a recent YOUTH GAME there 1000 FANS there.  Only 2 teams so it was not just parents and relatives, but fans.  I think that says something right there.

Um, I don’t think the US team gets treatment like this! Nice!

The stadium has natural grass for now but that is to be replaced with turf in the next year or two.  There is also a movement to add another 4-6 fields in the adjoining area by 2012, which would truly make the venue a world class lacrosse attraction.  This move also makes Thailand the only team I know of in the FIL to have a set home stadium.  They also have a pretty solid equipment deal with Maverik.  And if this is how serious they are taking the game in all phases, and by the hiring of Sean Lindsay, Kyle Harrison and Chazz Woodson as development officers with the TLA it seems like it is, then the rest of the world will need to look out for Thailand!  It’s only a matter of time!