Thanksgiving Lacrosse Drop


While most of America dips into a Thanksgiving coma starting on Tuesday (and often doesn’t emerge until Monday), LAS is SO thankful for its readers, partners and advertisers that we’re trying to power through the holiday overload and keep the lacrosse content coming.  For all the lacrosse addicts that can’t stay away and for all the people in countries where Thanksgiving doesn’t exist, we’re here for you and thankful that you’re here, with us!

Stealth vs. Rock NLL Championship Highlights

To get you primed for the NLL season, we’ve got more box highlights.  This was the biggest game of the season so study up, learn how the Pros do it, and take those field goals off the box floor.  Respect the Game!!


The FCA Travels to Grove City

It’s all in a day of lacrosse.  Show off a mean split/face dodge, hit top cheddar, take in some club lax.  Solid trip, fellas!


Penn State Fall Wrap-up Video

I think the title is enough here… or is it?  Can Tambroni turn PSU into an instant contender? Not right away?  Well, how soon can we expect success?  Will they wear all-white helmets this spring?  Can they get Evan Royster to come play lacrosse?  Would he even help? The answer to the last one is probably.  Athlete, but a moot point.  Not happening.  The overall suspense is not exactly killing me but the Nittany Lions being a contender would have to help lacrosse grow so I’m always curious at the very least.


Quick Hitter!

Some nice dodging.  But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of all the falling down going on out there.  What is happening?


Action Shot of the Pre-Holiday

Tucker Mizhir of Washington and Jefferson gets in a good check on a guy in orange.  Kudos to both teams on solid uniforms here.  Let’s see what happens in the spring.  Thanks to the man Joe Eck for the shot!

Shortie over the head on a longstick. Always good.


Noke plays Noke Freshman. Awesome.

412 unearths some recent video from Roanoke practices and fall activities and he left off footage of the Upperclassmen vs. the Freshman.  These games are always so… spirited.  Love it.  Future of D3 sports, welcome to the internet.

2010 Fall Ball – Freshmen vs Upperclassmen from on Vimeo.


Quick Hitter Hello

Some Colorado Mammoth lax dudes have something to say to you.  Colorado = equals facial hair.


Chrome and Dyeing: a 412 Inspired Trial

So 412Lax dyed up his chrome Nike head.  It came out well.  A little darker than the factory stuff, but there is a good reason for that.  I went ahead and attempted a taped up, two-tone, green and yellow effort and learned a couple of things (I think):

  • Stickers and really hot water can pull the chrome off when you pull the stickers off.  So… you can pull the chrome off. Transitive.
  • Underneath Nike’s chrome head is an ET-like greyish plastic.  It seems like Nike has matched the color of the head underneath to the color of the chrome.  Kind of genius.  Unless all the heads are ET skin.  But that would be kind of awesome too.
  • If you really want the color to take, the water has to be hot, and the dye saturated.  You don’t want to overdye it, but make sure you don’t take it out too quickly.  I did that with the yellow and it is now very faint.
  • Factory dyes will be brighter.  They use colored chrome to get their colors on, not dye.
  • You can put on stickers to keep parts of the stick silver but you have to be extremely careful when removing them to avoid pulling any chrome off, at least on the Nike head I used.

I’ll report back if I can try it on another manufacturer’s head.  Chrome or colored chrome would look great as the under color in a two-color dye and I’d love to make it happen cleanly.

From green to yellow. sort of.
Parts of it look really great. There's a future here.
ET phone home. Oh, NOW you see the yellow!


International Highlights: The Czechs

We’ve got highlights starting around the 1:30 mark of this video for the Czech National Lacrosse Team at the most recent FIL World Championships in Manchester, England.  I’ve heard they prefer box lacrosse but these guys are definitely getting better and better and the game is growing there.  Good to see, hope it continues.  We’d love to hear from someone who knows more!


EXTRA: Top String Pics

If you can’t do this top string after seeing these pictures, then just keep trying.

loop it.
Secure the sidewall.
And then go back the same way you came in, except backwards and you're done.

You can put in a new top string in less than a minute this way.  Good thing to know!