The Art Behind the Broadcast


I’ve often been a critic of the production quality offered by ESPN during their MLL coverage.  Past blunders such as the cameraman losing the ball, or the booth cutting to a close up of the sideline while a goal is being scored, have left me more than a little frustrated at times. 

After watching the following video, however, I’ve gained a new respect for how difficult the sport lacrosse can be to cover.

Aside from the new guy requiring assistance to find the “man advantage” button, I was thoroughly impressed with the effort the production team was putting in to this broadcast.  Many of these people probably have little to no actual experience with the game.  Combine that with the fact that the MLL is played at a faster pace than your typical college contest, and putting on a good production of the pro game starst to look like a daunting task.  All that considered, I’m starting to think the world wide leader does a pretty good job.  Hats off gentlemen.

Video via LaxBuzz

Photo credit: CSTV