The Best Stick Fake Ever & A Great Bull Dodge Or Two


This is literally the prettiest stick fake I’ve ever seen.  It’s just beautiful.  Will it work at the college level?  Maybe not… but it’s still undeniably awesome.  We’ve been trying to not just post youtube videos and call it content, but sometimes you have to, because the quality is just there.  The Bull Dodge videos (the second and third vids) are also good, but the stick fake is almost too much to bear.  I’d recruit Zack Reed based solely on that.  But I think he’s going to Hobart. Thanks to Christian Gould for the find and the heads up on the sweet lax moves.

It’s at the 10 second mark.  But enjoy the whole thing. SO MANY STICK FAKES. and Techno.

And now for the power bull dodge. Thanks to Xavier Gardner for sending this one over!  Kid gets ran over, indeed!

The next bull dodge was called for an illegal body check. Yes, the ball carrier was called for an illegal body check. I actually didn’t think that was possible but I won’t question the refs here. Really, what do I know?  Thanks to J Jesus Miramontes for this one!


  1. His passing motion is off because he has so much whip in his stick. Sure those are nice fakes, but when you need to make a quick pass, he won’t be able to do it. Fakes are secondary to passing.

    Passing doesn’t make great videos though.

    • Agreed MCLAFan23, I would say this kid probably passes every third pass into the dirt. I have seen some kids with amazing fakes, but put a longpole on their gloves, and the ball goes straight down to their feet. Notice how none of his shots went high? Because he can’t shoot high with that stick!