The Best Teams You’ve Never Seen?

“Club” lacrosse has blown up over the last few years. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is not at least aware of the MCLA’s existance. But what if I told you that there was another large club league. What if I told you that they had over 100 teams and 12 conferences from which they crown a national champion every year.  Are you aware of the National College Lacrosse League?

If you’re in the dark about the NCLL, don’t feel bad, they haven’t done much to make you aware of it.  Their website doesn’t give much insight in to the history or mission of the league.  However, the biggest differece between the NCLL and its more well known counterpart is that the NCLL will actually admit teams from colleges that have a sanctioned NCAA program, which allows for somewhat humorous rankings (#41 Duke, #94 Princeton).

A couple of videos below give us an example of what the league has to offer.  But before you watch, I have a question I want the readers to consider: Why hasn’t the NCLL marketed itself like the MCLA?  Perhaps there are some readers involved with the organization that can offer some insight.

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