The Brew Tube: Lost Coast Great White, Plus How Lacrosse Is Made



Greetings laxers –  it’s time to settle down with a new brew and check out the tubes!  This week I was drawn into an old favorite – Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White Beer.  I’ve been drinking on Lost Coast Brewery since college, and they have some fantastically creative brews homgrown in Eureka, CA.  These particular suds are everything that is implied by that smug shark on the bottle.  It’s a light Witbier style beer with a slight hint of citrus, a little sweet and very confident.  It’s no IPA at an ABV of 4.8%, but thats all the more reason to have one more!

great white

And now that you have a wicked great white beer in front of you, check out Discovery channel’s “How it’s Made” on Lacrosse…Prost!


  1. Ah, whenever I'm thirsty for some brew and I head to the store in NYC, I'm always keeping an eye out for the Great White! It was one of my favorites back in college. You know, one of those Tuesday night specials after a long day in the gym…

    I've stopped into quite a few corner stores and markets, but still no luck. If you see it, drink it. It'll bite your head off!!