The Brew Tube: Ninkasi Tricerahops and 2009 MLL Highlights



Nothing like perusing the youtubes with your favorite beer in hand.  That is what this new fall mini-series is all about – every week I am going to recommend a delicious new micro-brew to nurse whilst enjoying the accompanying tubage (beer not provided).

This week I am recommending the fine Tricerahops Double IPA from none other than Eugene’s own Ninkasi Brewing Company.  I have always been a fan of India Pale Ales, or IPAs, because of their hoppy taste.  For those that don’t know the history of IPAs, India was known for loading their beer up with hops before it was shipped on boats to prevent it from spoiling.  For the average beer drinker, IPAs can sometimes be a bit intimidating, but if you take your coffee black and your whiskey straight then the IPA is for you.

Tricerahops Double IPA

And the Tricerahops is one hell of an IPA.  With a floral and smooth taste, this IPA goes down easy.  The double serving of hops leave a lingering bitter-sweetness which just keeps you wanting more.  But don’t drink too fast – with an alcoholic content of 8.8% this is not your average yellow fizz that you’ve been playing beer pong all night with.   And speaking of college, just another reason to drink up on the Ninkasi is that it is based in good ol’ Eugene.  I had the chance to meet the co-founder and he is an all around great guy, aside from providing some of the best NW beer I’ve ever tasted.

So with that said, head on down to the local specialty beer market, grab yourself a Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA, and enjoy the newly-posted 2009 MLL highlights.  Prost!