The Duel In Dumbo: Our Prediction Is Pain!


When I was over at Trilogy’s offices in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) yesterday, I got to talk shop with the guys, check out Mitch Belisle’s NLL gamer, and string up a traditional Under Armour head. I also got the inside scoop on the upcoming Duel in DUMBO, which features two Trilogy employees going head to head for a little cash, and a lot of pride!

So now that you’ve learned what the challenge is, and what the bet is, who do you think will win? Mitch or Forrest?

We’ve got our money on Forrest right now, as he is relying on dumb luck to win. It’s the smart man’s pick! Ryan Boyle seemed to be on board with our analysis, but he is saving his real vote for the last minute.

We’ll have more stuff coming from our visit to Trilogy including some sweet UA gloves, more on the traditional head, and some great content about how YOU can become a better player! Be on the lookout for all of that in the coming weeks!.