The elusive goalie fight caught on tape

Fights may be common in box lacrosse and hockey but goalie fights are pretty rare.  If you ever thought that the indoor keepers looked a little ridiculous then you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out the video after the jump:

 Goalie fight madness starts at 0:30 in the clip.

You gotta love the kid yelling “Goalie fight! Goalie fight!” with such glee right before they threw down. These two goalie goons just aboot made that little Canadian tykes day, eh?

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  • thisisnotabout @LaxAllStars LOL That’s awesome – but I still say Merrill is the best in lacrosse brawls. Thanx. That cheered me up a bit. :)

  • phase23 @LaxAllStars That was hilarious. Goalie Fight! Seriously though, the refs looked scared spitless. #lacrosse

  • @thisisnotabout I keep watching that goalie fight clip just for the kids excited reaction. Merrill is a good fighter? Didnt know that.

  • thisisnotabout @LaxAllStars Brodie ROCKS with or without the stick. He never starts anything – but he finishes it completely.

  • It seemed like they were hugging after a few seconds of exchanging blows. Also, #44 is a nice guy for making sure neither goalie tripped on those pads! what a champ!

  • My buddies sister is Brodies girlfriend. If you ever met him in real life you would never think he even plays lax, let alone a champ at droppin the gloves.

    Great goalie fight btw!

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