The Florida Lax Update


The past week saw some huge wins and some tough losses for Florida lax. Unfortunately, I was on vacation in the Caribbean all last week (Editor’s Note: tough life!) and had to miss the excitement. The good news for you guys is that I will cover all the happenings right here…

High School

The Jesuit Tigers faced a tough opponent in the Benjamin Buccaneers in the Florida High School Club State Championship this past weekend in Boca Raton.  Boca Raton is Spanish for Rat’s Mouth.  It was a hard fought game that had to be settled in overtime, with the Bucs coming out on top 12-11.

My hats off to the Bucs, but as a member of the coaching staff at Jesuit I can only say what a great season it was for the Tigers, and that they will be on the hunt for a title next season.

This coming weekend is the FHSAA final four with Lake Highland Prep vs. Bolles, and St. Andrew’s vs. Lake Brantley. The winners of each game will face off for the state championship.

With Players like the Berhardts at Maryland coming out of FLA (Lake Brantley), you know FLA HS lax is legit.

St. Andrew’s has won the title the last 7 years and I’m sure the other teams are looking for a chance to knock off the champs. I’ve seen the Scots (SA) play a few times, and they are an elite squad. It will take a lot of hard work, and a little luck, for the other 3 teams to take the title away.


The SELC tournament is being held this weekend, and Florida lax will be well represented by FSU and the UF Gators. Both teams will play each other in the first round, which will be a rematch from a week ago.

If I’m the Gators, I’d be chomping at the bit for some revenge after a tough 25-9 loss to the ‘Noles. I’d say this could be the game of the tournament, with an SELC championship, and a possible trip to nationals on the line.

Florida is hoping for a much better result this time around.


The St. Leo Lion’s (D2) won their second Deep south Conference Championship in as many years this past weekend with a 9-4 victory over Catawba. The Lions, who have eight all-conference players, are looking for a shot at the NCAA tournament.

The Jacksonville Dolphins (D1) are having an excellent season for a first year program with a 6-6 record and impressive wins over Denver, Providence and Rutgers, among others. The team is full of underclassmen who will only get better as their college careers continue. Be on the lookout for the JU Dolphins to make a splash in the NCAA in the coming years.

The Jacksonville Dolphins have made a real splash in D1 in their innaugural season.

Coming up in the next post will be some player profiles from the FLA lax scene, and if you’re lucky, a look at some of the summer club teams and their fresh gear.

Like we say down here in Florida, “when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good, when you play good, you get the goods…”

About the author
: After playing MCLA ball at the University of South Florida, Ryan Cromar spent a year in Germany playing lax, and now he coaches lacrosse at Jesuit high school in Tampa Bay. Go Tigers!


  1. “Be on the lookout for the JU Dolphins to make a splash in the NCAA in the coming years”
    I kind of lol'd in my cubicle.

    The Florida update is probably my favorite post on this site. Absolutely love watching the sport grow, and dominate, in our region.

    Let me ask, with the Orlando Titans now present, how is boxla taking off in the state? Do the kids like playing it? Do they play it at all?

    We're building a box facility in south Louisiana right now. Just kind of curious as to what the interest level is like your region..

    • haha, I was waiting for someone to comment on the JU wording. Cheesy is my middle name…

      As for the Titans, I know that they are dearly loved in the Orlando area. The problem is, no one here plays box lax. I can't think of any places that even offer it in FL.

      I do think it will take off eventually, but considering the field game is just starting to boom, it will be some time before we see a big box lax following.