The Glory Days: Princeton’s 1992 National Championship


We found a fantastic video on Vimeo featuring the 1992 National Champion Princeton Tigers Lacrosse Team, and this top drawer level Glory Days Lacrosse has us all kinds of pumped up for college lacrosse this year! Norbert Bielan delivers with the video, which was put together to celebrate the 1992 team for the Princeton Alumni Dinner last Saturday night. Magic on film!

The music is great, and really quite relevant to the time period. Leaders of the New School “Scenario” came out in 1991, and we all now that laxers from 1992 loved the Doors and Van Halen.

It’s fun to see such high quality lacrosse from the early 90s, and then compare it to the game of today. There are definitely a lot of differences, but at the same time, the game is still very similar and totally familiar.

We’ve seen a lot of rule changes since 1992, so maybe the 2013 rules won’t be total game changers!


  1. Great find! So much great stuff in that video. The stick skills are so tight and everyone is so polished. Everything overhand. Not to mention the gear. Kevin Lowe, Dave Morrow, Charlie Lockwood, Billy Daye, Ryan Wade, Dan Donnelly, and Tommy Marachek, Unreal!