The Great Box Lacrosse Cage Controversy In Canada


If you don’t pay attention to Canadian box lacrosse, you might not be aware that there is a MAJOR controversy brewing North of the border. It all revolves around a new Canadian Lacrosse Association rule which stipulates some new requirements for a CLA-legal face mask.

I break down the old masks vs. the new masks, talk about the basics of the issue, and then offer up an ingenious solution to this problem. It’s cost effective AND interesting.

What do you think about this issue? And would my idea work in the real world?

You can read the full online petition here. Whether or not you sign it? Well, that’s up to you.


  1. When the helmet is hit from the top (if a player ducks his head on a hit) and the helmet moves forward and down on the player (all helmets fit each player differently and this happens on some players) then the hard plastic insert you have added to the bottom of the cage could contact the players throat. The real issue here is that the helmet fits each player differently and it can move around on the head with only a two point strap. A very simple solution is a hard chin cup on a 4 point chinstrap with the new masks. The four point chin strap, when adjusted properly, holds the helmet firmly in position. The hard chin cup protects the chin in the instance where the mask is pushed down or up slightly and, finally, the mask curves under the chin protecting the face from an errant stick, upwards under the mask. The mask also swings away from the face allowing CPR to be administered. This solution covers all of the criteria and is simple. K.I.S.S. I sent a similar report with pictures and this solution to the CLA with no response.

    Chad Fairfoull
    Paragon Lacrosse MTL
    Montreal, Qc

  2. My proposal is a mixture of Connor’s and Chad’s: Go back to the “old” facemasks, but require a 4-point chin strap and a hard chin cup. Players such as Brendan Mundorf have been wearing 4-point chinstraps with a variety of the “old” facemasks in the NLL and FIL Indoor competitions for years. I have an Under Armour box facemask, and it came with a 4-point chinstrap with a hard chin cup. The UA mask has snaps for the front attached to the sides of the cage, making it easy to wear a 4-point chin strap when mounted on any hockey helmet. The snap mounts on the UA cage are simple, and could be fitted to any of the other traditional box masks: Gait, STX, Reebok, etc.

    Jason Creedon-McVean
    VP/Director of Marketing & Design
    Texas Box Lacrosse Association
    Austin, TX

  3. I have been away from box for a bunch of years so this issue isn’t as personal for me as it once would have been but there is no way I would wear that cage strapped to my chin. Not unless my goal was to eat through a straw for several months. The CLA was in Toronto smoking crack when they had this brain fart. There is no common sense applied. My solution is simple, the new regs allow for hockey helmet+hockey/lax mask combo or a nocsae lacrosse helmet. Get with the times, retire the dinosaur and wear a lacrosse helmet. They’re better. I have worn both for years, the only legitimate argument in favor of old school box buckets is “I’m old, stubborn, set in my ways and I don’t want to listen to you”.