The ‘Grow The Game’ Project


Sometimes it all starts with a t-shirt. Think about it – the anatomy of a t-shirt is pretty simple. They carry images or slogans that are created to have an immediate impact on those who wear them and the others around them.

The most important aspect of any meaningful t-shirt is the memory it leaves behind as a random stranger sees it when they pass by. Does it inspire?

It is this concept and the sole intention of spreading something special that we kick off the Grow The Game Project with a clear message on a simple white t-shirt.

There is only 1 single effect we hope these t-shirts have on the world of lacrosse, and that is to make it bigger. We want you and everyone around you to rock these shirts til death do us part. Not because they have our name on them, but purely because they carry an important, essential message for growing the sport that we all love.

In fact, we are not just selling these t-shirts. We are offering them as a fundraiser to anyone and everyone who will listen and join us in this project. Simply buy a ‘Grow The Game’ t-shirt and pick any lacrosse program in the world to donate $5 of your purchase to. We take care of the rest. The other proceeds? We’re using those to buy as many more shirts as possible, which we will distribute to new lacrosse programs in emerging areas all across the world.

Watch the video below to see how it all works:

And that’s it. Pretty simple, right? The best part is that this whole thing truly is going to help GROW THE GAME.

Don’t believe us? The guys below do, and so do the 30 other people who already purchased their shirts over the weekend and sent $5 to their favorite lacrosse programs.

Vinnie Ricasio, The Art of Lax
Connor Martin AKA Con Bro Chill
All Star LAS Contributor, The Lax
Indiana University Men's Lacrosse

The more people who join in and help us do this, the better. The better this becomes, the farther it goes. And the next thing you’ll know… it’s history. So join us in the first phase of the LAS Grow The Game Project.

Get your t-shirt today!

Heck, buy a bunch of in bulk at cost and run your own local fundraiser!

We thank you joining in, and we look forward to growing the game with you.

– The LAS Team


  1. I thought your About section was an absolute hoax with the line “growing the game”. I didn’t know you could grow the game by just making fun of what other people wore during games. However, if making smart ass remarks about other teams is considered growing the game, great job.

    • We do a lot more to grow the game than just making fun of GVSU for not wearing undershirts!

      I’m going to assume that’s where you’re from since we really don’t make fun of that many people. And like our other rare snarky comments, the remark was tongue in cheek and if that offended you, you may want to grow some thicker skin. That comment ranked as low on the offensive remark chart as is possible.

      OR you could buy some Grow the Game shirts and then your guys could wear some matching gear under their reversibles and then GVSU wouldn’t look like a summer camp team!

      We do a lot of volunteering and coaching so we do actually Grow the Game. We also cover emerging areas and teams and will give you a platform too! All you have to do is ask!!!

      Of course, it’s much easier to just sit back and complain about the coverage you do get instead of being proactive and part of the solution. Whatever team you do work with, email us! We’d love to work with you on spreading the game. If you really think the light jokes we dish out are that bad, then I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. It’s all in good fun.