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The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse

3 - Published December 13, 2011 by in Club, Training

To Everyone and Anyone Lacrosse,

The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse was an effort that was established to help “Grow the Game” of lacrosse in Texas. The idea started as a catch phrase, which turned into a t-shirt, and in the end, the GTL Tour has become a mindset.  The “tour” is more of a movement; a movement that hopes to not only support lacrosse programs in Texas, but introduce lacrosse to outlying and underprivileged areas.  Basically, take the “No Child Left Behind” concept, make it work, and incorporate the “Grow the Game” Project and you have The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse!!

Texas SUV flag

Grow the Game. Has nothing to do with this truck.

On behalf of the GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse and all of the GTL Tour Team we are proud to announce that Warrior and Brine Lacrosse will be providing the GTL Tour with 100 brand new lacrosse sticks!!!! You can only imagine how much good this will do to not only Grow the Game, but to help introduce a sport to kids and communities that would have otherwise never had the chance to learn or play it.

When Ken Clausen from Warrior/Brine Lacrosse, who is also a pro player in Major League Lacrosse, contacted me and told me that Warrior/Brine Lacrosse wanted to do this, I was completely amazed and literally brought to tears. Now because of this, the idea I had for the GTL Tour can become a reality.

2012 will be epic.  We’ll be setting up FREE lacrosse introductory clinics thoughout the State, but if YOU need help, or know a program or area that needs/wants help, please email us at

And with that said… The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse 2012 campaign is launched!

“Lacrosse For All!”

Thank You,

Josh Acut

Founder, The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse


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