The JuCo Report: NJCAA Lacrosse


Are you paying attention to the great lacrosse being played in the NJCAA ranks? Do you know the ins and outs of the JuCo lacrosse scene? With the JuCo Report, you do now!

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Video: Nassau Defeats Harford

The Harford Fighting Owls almost pulled off the upset… so close!

Ok, that was mostly video of Harford, and not Nassau, but that’s what happens when Harford puts out the video.

Video: ASA College Game Winner

Casey Jackson with the box-inspired behind the back pass to Brandon Goodwin who moves it on to Joe Granata, who puts it away for the game winner over Union CC.


  1.  Onondaga – 2-0
  2.  Essex – 2-1
  3.  Nassau – 3-1
  4.  Genessee – 2-0
  5.  Suffolk – 4-0
  6.  Harford 2-2
  7.  Howard – 1-2
  8.  Delhi – 2-1
  9.  Monroe – 0-1
  10.  ASA College – 2-1 (This is ASA’s first time in the Top Ten. Congrats to the Avengers!)

Impressive Scorers*

Casey Jackson (attack, ASA College) – 24 points, with 18 goals, in 3 games. That’s 8 points per game.

Josh Shaw (attack, Suffolk) & Brandon Goodwin (midfield, ASA College) – both have scored 20 points, on 9 goals and 11 assists, so far. Connor Boesch (attack, Suffolk) is nipping at their heels with 19 points.

Randy Staats (attack, Onondaga) – 11 goals and five assists, in only two games so far. Staats, like Jackson, is also scoring at an 8 point per game clip.

Christian Reiller (attack, Genessee) – 18 points in two games played means he’s putting up 9 points per game. And we have a new PPG leader! The fact that 11 of the 18 points are helpers makes it even more impressive.

Ricky DiMicco (attack, Harford) – 15 points, on 9 goals and 6 assists, is nothing to laugh at. Doing it in only two games? Well that’s just awesome.

Goalie Did WHAT?

Pat Bonacum, Suffolk’s goalie, has logged just over 135 minutes in net so far this season, and over the course of this time, he has maintained an insane 80.3 save percentage. The next closest goalie with over 60 minutes played is Bonacum’s back up, Brendan Schade, who has saved 68% of the shots he has faced. Garrett Conaway of Howard comes in at number three with a 67% success rate.

*NJCAA stats are still a little undependable, so we may have missed a couple guys, but this is a feature that will run each week, so there’s still time to make the list.

I LOVE This Video

Sure, it’s from last year, but who cares? This Essex CC video is superb.

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