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Editor’s note: Each month, we’re going to take time out to show you what’s currently popular in our new online store. Every purchase helps fuel the content here at Lax All Stars, so it’s worth it for us to talk about!

Hey there. Ever heard of The Lacrosse Shop? Well… it’s just the ultimate lax lifestyle boutique for the entire lacrosse community world universe. NBD. You should check it out when you have time. There’s guaranteed to be something in there you’ll enjoy!

Here’s the breakdown of what’s hot this month:

10. Rhino Neon Grid Tee

Rhino Lacrosse Grid Neon Tee
Is that an optical illusion?

9. Grow The Game Tee


8. Man-Bro Plaids

Man Bro Plaid Sunglasses
Engineered to match your plaid shirt perfectly.

7. Darth Woozle Shorts

Darth Woozle Shorts
Luke, these were your father's gym shorts.

6. Man-Bro Neon Premiums

Man Bro Neon Premium Sunglasses
You gotta look good to play good, right?

5. LAS Wood Shaft

Lax All Stars Wood Shaft
There's nothing like playing with a woody.

4. Rhino Syracuse Socks

Rhino Lacrosse Syracuse Socks
Classic 'Cuse...

3. Mesh Doctor Tee

Mesh Pocket Lacrosse t-shirt
Nurse, I'm going to need two more shooters...

2. Man-Bro Clearie Premium Sunglasses

Man Bro Clearie Premium Sunglasses
Just rollin' in my ride.

1. LAS Apollo Creed Shorts

Lax All Stars Apollo Creed Shorts
Instant classic.

Make it through the whole thing? Let’s make this worth your while! Before you make a purchase, dive into this month’s exclusive deals in The Lacrosse Shop!

Every purchase helps fuel the great content at!!



Zack Greer Shorts are UP FOR SALE!  Profits from the sale of the shorts will go to the Zack Greer Foundation, which supports families that have been affected by Autism, and raises awareness.  We’ve already sold over 55 pairs of shorts, and 37 of those sales came from Josh Karp, who has been promoting the sale to his friends as part of his community service project for his Bar Mitzvah.  Laxers giving back… we LOVE it!

So get with the program, pick up some sweet custom shorts by Pro Athletics, and support a great cause!  Pro lacrosse players don’t exactly rake in the dough, so we want to support Zack’s efforts to make the world a better place however we can!  Tell me these shorts aren’t legit:

Shorts Closeup_Back_600 Zack Greer
The LAS logo is on there too!