The Lax’s Day 2 Analysis And Commentary


Editor’s note: Check back throughout the day as we update this post with more analysis and commentary from The Lax and our crack writing staff. Also follow the action LIVE with our handy twitter feed.

Yes, I know it’s still morning here on the east coast and the games I care about don’t start until around 2:30 eastern. I figure we’ll get a head start on coverage since we were behind a bit yesterday.

Biggest development from yesterday came out of D1, which had two games and an entire round postponed. The two D1 games being played today are Oregon v Colorado and BYU v Michigan State. Both of which start at 12 my time, so roughly two hours until faceoff.

I’ll be covering as much as I can in between studying for my last test, taking it, and driving home and the rest of the LAS staff will try to chime in as they monitor the live game feeds like a hawk (while pretending to do “real” work).

If the Oregon game is being broadcast on like it was supposed to last night, I’ll give a bit of commentary as I listen to it.

Other games being broadcast today are Grand Valley vs Davenport at 2:30 and Dayton vs Westminster at 5pm.


Here are some more photos from 3 of yesterday’s games, courtesy of Kent McCorkle.

Fullerton v GVSU

GCC v Western Oregon

BC v Colorado State

More to come as I find it.


The Lax UPDATE (12:06 EST): Looks like the games are starting on time. No video feed so far. The rest of the LAS crew is chattin it up with the rest of the MCLA world over on I think I’m gonna be out for a while, so hopefully Brunelle, Crave, Connor and 412 can give you all you need.

UPDATE (1:10 EST): Couldn’t stay away for too long. Video is streaming of the BYU-MSU game due to field set up. Score right now is 12-5 BYU. Elliot Grow is hurt.

UPDATE (1:31 EST): BYU up 12-6 going in to the 4th quarter. Oregon up 4-3 over Colorado at halftime

UPDATE (4:00 EST): Craven here.  I was able to catch the hastily thrown up (but really well executed) feed of the Ducks- Buffs OT thriller.  The weather looked solid but both teams were a little sloppy on offense with a lot of outside shots by the Buff and turnovers by the Ducks. In the end Colorado gutted out the W after a lightning quick clear by their keeper that lead to a goal.  Both teams fought hard in this one but COLO-RADO LAC-ROSSE moves on.

UPDATE (6:00 EST): The Lax is back given you commentary. Just now able to see games. Haven’t checked scores.

UPDATE (6:05 EST): Dayton with 2 quick goals to open up the second half. Having trouble with the audio feed. Dayton 5-4

UPDATE (6:21 EST): Dayton-Westmin tied at 5. St. Thomas up 8-1 on Grove City. Mike Brand isn’t announcing this game. His replacement isn’t as good.

UPDATE (6:24 EST): Furbay scores for Dayton making it 6-5. Wetsmin score about a minute later to tie it back up.

UPDATE (6:26 EST): And as soon as I post that, Furbay scores another, getting himself a hat trick.

UPDATE (6:29 EST): Condas of Westmin scores a goal to tie it back up. Oh, and he got a hat trick. 3rd Quarter done. Game tied at 7

UPDATE (6:35 EST): Westminster scores two quick goals to open the 4th. 9-7 lead

UPDATE (6:37 EST): 3 goals in 4 minutes for Westminster. 10-7

UPDATE (6:38 EST): These guys arent giving me a chance to rest. Dayton cuts it to 2. 10-8

UPDATE (7:00 EST): Fell asleep. Westminster gets the first upset of the tournament. 14-11.

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