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The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition

Second (and last) weekend of conference tournaments in the MCLA.

Quick Review Of Last Week…

SELC: Elon once again won the title. Kennesaw played a tough game. Both teams will make the tournament. Calling it.

More pictures here and here.

LSA: Sam Houston State ran away with a #16 seed.

PNCLL: Opening round games. Read more below.




Calvin vs. Hope
– Hope won their division. I don’t know too much about either team. Hope is 10-4. Calvin is 5-9. Gonna go Hope on this one.
Grove City vs. Davenport
– GCC has a few name wins. Davenport is just plain dirty. Davenport it is.

Hope vs. Dayton
– Hope doesnt really stand a chance.
Davenport vs. Grand Valley State
– GVSU won 11-8. Davenport gets revenge.

Davenport vs. Dayton
– Davenport makes it 2-0 vs the Flyers in 2010.

Denver Bound: Davenport, Dayton, GVSU.
On the Bubble: Grove City.  That’s right. I just said 4 CCLA teams could make it to Denver.


Missouri State vs. St. Louis – Again, I know very little about teams to the west. I do know Missouri State traveled and played a relatively decent schedule. Mo State.
Wheaton vs. Dordt – No reasoning. I just like the name Dordt.

Mo State vs. Creighton – Creighton has a 3-8 record according to No brainer. Mo State.
Dordt vs. Missouri Baptist – Mo Bap is 9-2 and has some great wins. Mo Bap.

State vs. Baptist – Toss up for me. Gonna go out on a limb. Mo Bap.

Denver-bound: Mo Bap.
On the Bubble: Mo State


I’m not gonna give any deets.

North Dakota State over Carleton. Eau Claire over Moorhead.

Johnnies over NDSU. Tommies over UWEC.

Tommies beat the Johnnies. Again. Staying undefeated for a chance to pull a Michigan.

Denver-bound: The usual. St. Thomas and St. Johns


Bridgewater vs. Central Connecticut – Bridgewater has 1 win. It stays that way.

CCSU vs. Briarcliffe – Briarcliffe is undefeated. See above.
Stonehill vs. WPI – Stonehill is a school with a name that made waves when they joined the MCLA. They havent made too much of a rumble. Stays that way in a snoozer.

WPI vs. Briarcliffe – This is Briarcliffe’s conference to lose.

Denver-bound: Briarcliffe gets the #15 seed.


Much like the LSA, they just play a title game, no playoffs.

UC Santa Cruz vs. St. Mary’s – I’m going Banana Slugs.

Denver-bound: UCSC, if the WCLL gets a bid, which I don’t think they do. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll adjust accordingly.


Southern Oregon vs. Western Washington – WWU won 11-4 in the regular season.  Gonna happen again.
Whitman vs. Western Oregon – Whitman gets revenge from a regular season battle.

Whitman vs. WWU
– I’m gonna go WWU based off record.

Denver-bound: WWU. Maybe: Western Oregon.


Mines vs. UVU
– UVU is a dirty dirty team. Big win.
Fort Lewis vs. Montana State
– Fort Lewis continues the slide down the mountain.

UVU vs Northern Colorado
– Looks good on paper. UVU takes down the Bears.
Montana State vs. Westminster
– Westie. No question.

UVU vs. Westminster
– UVU lost a tight one in the regular season game. Not so this time around.

Denver-bound: UVU, Westminster


Concordia vs. Fullerton
– Fullerton. Not close.
Long Beach vs. Biola
– Biola gets a close one.

Fullerton vs Biola
– The Titans are going back to Denver with a big win.

Denver-bound: Fullerton. Bubble: Concordia.



Here’s my bracket for Denver. Don’t ask how or why. Just accept it as truth.

#1 St. Thomas (UMLL AQ) vs. #16 Sam Houston State (LSA AQ)

#8 Western Washington (PNCLL AQ) vs. #9 Elon (SELC AQ)

#5 Westminster (RMLC At-Large) vs. #12 Kennesaw State (SELC At-LArge)

#4 St. Johns (UMLL At- Large) vs. #13 Western Oregon (PNCLL At-Large)

#6 Utah Valley (RMLC AQ) vs. #11 Cal State Fullerton (SLC AQ)

#3 Dayton (CCLA At-Large) vs. #14 Missouri State (GRLC At-Large)

#7 Grand Valley State (CCLA At-Large) vs. #10 Missouri Baptist (GRLC AQ)

#2 Davenport (CCLA AQ) vs.#15 Briarcliffe (PCLL AQ)

By Conference:

3 – CCLA



0 – WCLL



Got a mock-up for shooting shirts for next season from Lacrossewear. Shoulders/arms are busy. Tramp stamp. Yuck.

And we FINALLY got in our sweats and a new shooting shirt. You know, after our season is over with. Perfect timing, if you ask me. If I knew the name of the company, I’d put you on blast.

I promise this isn’t me.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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