The Most Violent Crosscheck Ever

lacrosse crosscheck UNC Maryland
high, late, and a cross check.

Last week I talked about speeding up the game of lacrosse by doing away with crosschecking altogether. Some people agreed, others disagreed vehemently, while still others thought it was just plain old stupid. Fair enough…

However, on Saturday during the Maryland vs. North Carolina NCAA Division 1 men’s lacrosse matchup, my article took on a little more relevance as the vast majority of us witnessed what might just have been the most violent crosscheck ever:

Want to know just how insane that penalty was? Look no further than #1 for UNC on the near sideline who literally forgets he’s playing lacrosse for a second, and instantly reacts in shock to the hit. It really was that brutal.

lacrosse crosscheck UNC Maryland
High hit, late hit, and a crosscheck.

Do you still think crosschecking is an awesome part of the game?

Joey Sankey had three INSANE goals and Steven Rastivo made a sick save to seal the win, but this fight is the big game’s “highlight”.

Crosschecking isn’t tough, and it’s not meant to be a part of field lacrosse. Defenders who need to crosscheck to successfully play defense are straight up lazy or unskilled, and they don’t deserve to be playing the field game at this level. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


  1. I’m disgusted by the announcers too.  How on earth can they watch that and all they talk about is McBride not having enough control to not retaliate?  

    EVERYTHING was wrong with Cooper’s play and it was a clear cheap shot intent to injure.  Get’s a running start, leaves his feet, makes the hit after the ball is gone, leads with the cross, targets the head…

    Just a dirty play and they should have been talking about the cheap shot, not  McBride’s reaction to it.  

    • we’ve always been told it’s the retaliator who gets the most attention, and this is another good example of that.

      It did seem like they minimized the crosscheck a bit, which I found weird considering it clearly targeted the head, which is still a big issue in college lacrosse.

      An ugly incident all around.

      • Anyone see the Virginia hit on Rob Guida in the UVA/JHU game? It is up there with this hit to me it may have been a more violent and direct definition of helmet to helmet contact, or that could be just because Guida’s helmet literally came flying off. I have not been able to find a link to the video yet. 

        I think to eliminate this all together besides getting rid of crosschecking and just keeping that for the indoor game the officials need to take more control of the violent hits and really convey the message that garbage hits and malicious intent will not be allowed. I think the officials did a great job in the UMD/UNC game but then again I did not see the whole game. The UVA/JHU game the officials should have given UVA a longer non-releasable penalty to send a message.

        I see it throughout the ranks of the sport of lacrosse, especially at the high school level a majority of the officials just do not have the training and experience hours to keep many games under control. At least that is my experience with midwest lacrosse.

    • I thought the same thing when Greg McBride slashed Shakespeare in the gut after his goal in the 3rd. That play drew an unsportsmanlike on McBride, but didn’t seem to draw the ire of the announcers like I thought it might have. More than likely it did draw the attention of Shakespeare’s teammates.

      • Didn’t see McBride’s earlier slash.  I admit the only reason I saw this
        play was because it was on the DVR at the start of the Hop/UVA game I
        sat down to watch that night.  I didn’t know that this might have been a pay back for an earlier cheap shot. 

        I’m not a UNC or MD fan.  Just thought that this was an ugly hit and
        targeting the head and was shocked that the announcers should have been
        talking about that hit, not the retaliation were talking about the
        retaliation, not the actual hit.

        • I agree with you guys. The announcers definatly downplayed the cross-check. That hit itself should have been enough for an ejection but I guess we’ll never know. Also did anyone else think Cummings check prior to the cross-check should have been called a slash? It looked like he wound up and came down right on the shoulder and didn’t get any stick at all.

  2. Brutal hit but it’s one in 10,000. Every sports has injuries from over aggression, look at how Blake Griffin got hit like a running back, it doesn’t mean cross checking isn’t part of the game. As a dodging middie I give out and take cross checks multiple times a game. Having a good top dodger running at you full speed you need a wider surface than the 15 or so inches with your hands together to make that contact to bump them off their route to stay with them, especially in the rain. Maybe three years of mens league and summer tourneys has me too far away from organized games but sometimes you have to cross check to not get beat.

    • Having played the game half a decade I know the feeling and I am guilty of cross checking every now and again too. It doesn’t make it right though with a hit like this. Retaliation like this could seriously injure someone, especially with the force that these college players put behind it. Just because cross checking happens doesn’t mean its needed especially in this instance. All this does is put a poor image on some of the players in the D1 program 

  3. Cross checking, in general, as a middie? Let’s say having a wider grip on the stick and putting it in their upper arm? Not a big deal. 

    Leaving your feet to cross check a guy in the face who doesn’t even have the ball? That’s an issue.