The Notre Dame Experience


Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse

Are you ready for the Notre Dame Experience? This video from the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse team takes us behind-the-scenes on a big recruiting weekend. Featuring eight minutes of high-quality footage from 2011 fall practices and football game day, this is a must watch for any Notre Dame fan or prospect.

The Notre Dame Experience from Norbert Bielan on Vimeo.

Releasing this great video is just one of the many things the digital savvy Notre Dame coaching staff has recently done to set the program apart from other NCAA Division 1 teams. The ND coaching staff (particularly assistant coach Gerry Byrne) also kicks butt with social media and email newsletters, always keeping Irish fans, alumni and player’s families in the know consistently throughout the school year. As 2012 begins, we’re sure to see some other top tier Division 1 programs step up and improve their online game too.

Some highlights from the video’s “Soundbites”:

So, why Notre Dame?

“I came to Notre Dame mainly because of [my teammates]. Freshmen year they’re your teammates, sophomore year they’re your best friends, and by junior year they’re like your brothers, they’re family.”
Max Pfeiffer, Senior Middie

What’s one of things you’ve enjoyed most about Notre Dame? 

“The alumni network. Everywhere we go through the country, even throughout the world, we have alumni who show up and care about us so much. They do everything they can to support you.”
– Jake Brems, Senior Defenseman

What the one of the greatest Notre Dame Lacrosse tradition?

“One of the great traditions for us, and one of the things our players really look forward to, is that we practice every Saturday morning morning before football games. We get to come out here, you’ve got 100,000 people milling around, you’ve got all of our alumni who know we’ll be out on the field that morning, and they like to stop by practice and say hello to the guys.”
Kevin Corrigan, Head Coach

What’s it like to be a lacrosse player at Notre Dame? 

“Being a student-athlete at Notre Dame is a unique experience. It’s everything from the living and the community feeling, being on campus and living in our dorms, which almost 90% of our students do, and you know, I think being a student-athlete here means knowing that you’re going to be supported at the highest levels and have and have very high expectations in terms of winning and competing for championships. But at the same time, know one here loses the priority, and the priority is you getting the best education that you can.”
Kevin Corrigan, Head Coach

For more behind-the-scenes videos from the Fighting Irish, check out their YouTube Playlist, Behind the Scenes with ND Lacrosse. You can also catch ND Lacrosse on Twitter or on Facebook.