The Pink Passion At Lake Tahoe


Editor’s note: Please welcome Woozle Gabe to the big bad LAS show. As we gear up for the Tahoe lacrosse tourney, he’s got a unique perspective to share.

For whatever reason I’m not sure, I have always been drawn to various activities that invoke copious amounts of passion. I’m not going to beat around the crease; some of these sports are not exactly mainstream. I don’t go out of my way to find the most outlandish hobby but what happens in the background in order to bring the sport into the spotlight is what has always pulled me in. Be it stringing a new stick, making a new hood or truing a wheel after a crazy drop. It’s the full bodied indulgence that brings people together, in turn setting building blocks crucial to construct a base for the cause. It’s crazy to see how just ten years has changed so much in sports.

This will be the Seventh Year of the Woozle. Yes, I day dream about Back Breakers against some Scallywankers and bounding down a Country road aloft a Lushman, carrying out a Frosty Bev commandeering mission. There are so many memories it would probably be good to write a couple down (Insert your memory here).

The Tahoe lacrosse tourney is only a one day away; I thought it would never get here. Those little Hundred Acre Wood honey bees started buzzing the word months ago, Woozley comments started popping up on Facebook dot com, and enthusiastic e-mails from Woozle Corporate began to get the blood flowing pink.

My bags were packed as soon as summer league ended yesterday, and my Boss had to accept that casual Friday was on Wednesday this week… of course I wore pink.

My 2010 Woozle soundtrack

Live In Japan by Rodrigo y Gabriela  (entire cd)
– This Will Destroy You – There are some remedies worse than the disease
– Kings of Leon – Be Somebody
– Junius – Hiding knives
– Al Di Meola – Mediterranean Sundance
– Dave Matthews – Two Step live

…Just to name a few.

Dome protection on and off the field.

About the author: Gabe currently hates Boise heat and wishes it could be 10 degrees cooler. He enjoys Finely aged top cheese provided by a nice under hand crank, cold cocking mallards with Ace the Tircel and Fred the pointer, and grilling up some good food with friends. He probably where’s Pink more than anyone in his immediate and extended family.

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