The Possibility Of Alien Lax’ers Is High [Good Morning LaxNation!]


Sip your cup of coffee this morning and stare into the infinite reaches of the galaxy. Space, the final frontier…

What would futuristic space age sports be like? I know Joenandez had some ideas but my only hope is they don’t turn out like this.


Explanation: This intriguing trio of galaxies is sometimes called the Draco Group, located in the northern constellation of (you guessed it) Draco. From left to right are edge-on spiral NGC 5981, elliptical galaxy NGC 5982, and face-on spiral NGC 5985 — all within this single telescopic field of view spanning a little more than half the width of the full moon.”

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While we’re on a space kick, rub the sleep out of your eyes and let Carl Sagan drop a little knowledge on you about a pale blue dot:

Astronomy Picture of the Day [NASA]