The Scallywag Summer: Hoist Anchor!


I love summer.  In fact, I <3 summer.  I gotta have a summah.

For those of us who have been forever banished from the halls of collegiate competition, youth and eligibility alike ravaged by that salty old slut called “Time”, summer ball is all we really have left.  Summer ball and old stories that get a little bit way sweeter every time we recite them.

Some of you under the age of 23 or so think that this is very sad.

It is.

If I had to give you any words of simple wisdom, it’d be this:  just find the fountain of youth and drink of its lifey syrup and then live young forever, transferring to a new university every four years and stealing the identity/eligibility of the first rube you come across.  I suppose you could get bitten by a vampire as well, but that’s pretty played these days…and there aren’t too many lacrosse games after dark.

If you can’t figure out some way to stop aging, then you’d better just cherish it:

(also this)

In recent years, I’ve kicked off my summer campaign with a trip to the Park City Ski Town Shootout in Park City, UT.  Last year, Scallywags made its world debut at this tournament.  We made it to the championship game and were to face the Bearded Clams, however the game was postponed due to a sudden hurricane and the cowardly Clams no-showed our game the next morning.  Viewing their absence as a sign of surrender, we popped bottles and left (as is our custom).

Any championship, even one by default, is worth poppin’ bottles.

This year, we decided to return and defend our title.  But before we could do that, we had to get ready.

How does one get ready for summer lax?

Practice?  Naw.

New, silly-looking swag?  Yeah.

New lids:  Check.

Unable to come to a consensus, a few Scallywags are rocking the same stickers on white or black helmets.  Turns out it looks good no matter what.

(Helmet decals courtesy of Elevation Lacrosse who went out of their way to make sure we had these on time for the tournament.)

Shirts n’ shorts: Check.

(Kits courtesy of Boathouse. Boathouse went above and beyond to make sure these turned out absolutely perfect. They even sent us free custom samples.

Email Andrew Petrillo, the world’s most accommodating salesman, to get some way cool gear).

Lookin’ good.  Feelin’ good.  Time to go see if it translates into playin’ good.

In the next installment of Scallywag Summer, I’ll have (1) tournament results and pictures and (2) a review and rating of the Park City Ski Town Shootout, Park City itself, and the state of Utah.



About the author: Since Ghost of the Union ran out of eligibility, he spends his summers drinking and playing for Scallywag Lax and spends the rest of his time thinking about things that annoy him complaining about them on the internet. You shouldn’t encourage him.

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  1. i already know what the review on the state of utah is going to be like. pretty sure multiple scallys were seen flashing medals and yelling degrading phrases to every single utahan seen for the three or so hour ride back to the Idaho/utah border.