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Some of us are off at blogging conferences, others are packing to go pay a visit to Touchdown Jesus, and god knows what the rest of the misfit LaxAllStars crew is doing these days.  We tend not to ask what our staff is up to but instead just leave a plate of raw meat and broken d-poles out for them every night.  The content magically shows up in our hopper and we keep these animals at an arms length as much as possible. It’s really a good working relationship.

These are things the guys found interesting out there in the wide world of sports and culture this week…BECAUSE SERIOUSLY OH MY GOD IS THAT BALLOON BOY OK!??

Time to get fed.


If you read one thing this week, read this:
Malcolm Gladwell writes on similarities between dog fighting and concussions in football. Sobering comparison that just gives a hard look at “human cockfighting” that isn’t limited to the boxing and MMA stereotypes.
Maybe that bloodlust the Roman’s felt when they cheered in the Coliseum isn’t as far gone as we’d like to think.


In hipster news:

Pabst managed to pull of a strangely effective word-of-mouth campaign that made the long-declining brand an “ironic downscale chic choice for bike messengers and other younger drinkers who viewed the beer as a statement of non-mainstream taste,” reports Crain’s.

Let’s call a spade a spade: Those “non-mainstream,” “younger drinkers” are hipsters.

Usually found smoking European cigarettes and/or cloves, hipsters are known for their despise of anything “mainstream” and their fondness for irony. They listen to bands that no one has ever heard of and start fashion trends that are cool because of their “uncoolness”, e.g., trucker hats or vintage plaid shirts.

– excerpt from NBC-LA

Hipsters are just as susceptible to advertising as the rest of us. How does packaged anti-establishment taste NOW? (found via


Does the 2009 overview of every campus girl has featured sound like something you might be interested in? We thought so.

Kasandra (with a K) from the "Girls of the Big East"

Please remember, if a girl has name that should be spelled with a “C” but is spelled with a “K” for no reason at all then there is a 100% chance she is Ka-razy. This rule also applies for anyone with excessive repeated letters.  Yeah I’m looking at you Jennn with three “n’s”.


Kellog’s Frosted Links:

Boise State Coach Chooses His Words Carefully

Pac-10 football: Ranking the stadiums : Like there was really ever any doubt.


The Wizard of Westwood recently celebrated his 99th birthday.  Maybe the most quotable coach ever but here’s a  favorite:
My father gave me a two-dollar bill for my grade-school graduation and said, “Hold on to this and you’ll never be broke.” I still have it. A lot of times, that’s all I’ve had. But I’ve never been broke.
Read more here:
John Wooden: What I’ve Learned: The legendary college basketball coach, now 99, on living, learning, dying, and always trying
(via Deadspin)


We know you’re tired of ESPN talking heads yammering on and on about the same old things. Brett Farve, USC, Tim Tebow, Nortre Dame, Terrell Owens, rinse, repeat. But because Craven is hitting up the USC vs.  Norte Dame game this weekend we’ve been paying attention to some mainstream blabber surrounding two of the most talked about programs in the country.

Observation #1: USC is sure taking their preparation for this weeks game pretty seriously.

Observation #2: This ancient grainy video is crazy.  Yes, once upon a time people used to go nuts for the golden domers but ALSO the NCAA used to have an asinine rule that would penalize the home team if the crowd got too loud.  And this rule wasn’t abolished until 2006!

Video evidence:

I understand that the Michigan QB is just following the rules but seriously, he has to feel like a tool, right?

Rabid excitement is understandable in any language. Here is the choas that ensued when Honduras tied the USA 2-2 and qualified for the World Cup. People got this excited over a tie. Yes, soccer is very, very foreign to all of us. We kid but sheesh it’s still kinda cool.


Max Gerlach awesome hockey shot (via flaxman0)


Have a great weekend. Touchdown Jesus demands it.