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It’s late Friday evening and you’re hungry. We’re hungry… and thirsty. But first: Food. Food AND… food and… links, baby, links. Later… drinks.

Enjoy these, and while you’re at it go win yourself a t-shirt will ya?

Time to get fed.


Honorable Mentions

#1Shaq, Cavaliers Start To Bond After Rollerblading Around Cleveland | The Onion

“Oh my God, it was so hilarious when we hit this one rough steep patch in the Cleveland Metropolitan Park and we had to scoot down a hill on our butts. Then we got ice cream.”

#2 - Travis Outlaw CAN dunk! He packs it on a stunned Rudy Gay. Yowsa!

5. We did a guest post on last week…

Topic: Battle Wounds

Lax All Stars Battle Wounds_Ankle 1

Fair warning: The last picture is gruesome.

4. Wish ‘Chapelle Show’ was still around? Us too.

The best late-night comedy/talk shows of the ’00s | The A.V. Club


3. The team you love to hate…

Gotta love Nike advertising.

2. Risky Business Fail

We know what you’re thinking: DAMN. You kinda feel bad, but not too bad to watch it again. And this time make sure you catch the girl’s face at the very end.

1. Urinal Soccer… Yuuup.

Urinal Soccer

Sorry, but this is just too cool and IT WILL BE REPLICATED. More badass guerilla marketing ideas here.


First 3 people to send the correct answer to win either a Rip The Duck or a Katana t-shirt courtesy of STX.

Katana Revolver

What band were we listening to at the LaxAllStars Villa on Music Monday?

Hint: we tweeted out a live concert video of theirs earlier this week.

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  • Author was right about the quality of the game against the UW, but wrong about the score.  As the game ran down Corbin Root scored to give Oregon a 10 to 5 victory.  All 30 of Oregon’s traveling squad played in the game.

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