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Another wild week of internet madness is behind us.  Excuse us if were a little bit peckish but we’ve been up 24/7 waiting for updates on Tiger-gate 09. What kind of club did she hit him with? Was it a 9-iron? A 4 wood? The LAS Staff must have answers. On top of that a  it’s tough smelling roses all the time so let’s keep this short.

Enough chitter-chatter, here are 5 things from the last week arbitrarily numbered for your viewing pleasure.

Time to get fed.


Honorable Mentions

#1 Time to mow the lawn for some of these folks

civil war lawn
#2 D-Pole?


(Via keggersofyore)


4. The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia

If you ever needed proof that Wikipedia is the greatest thing since sliced bread then here you go.  It may not be 100% accurate all the time but where else could you learn about things like Jim Corbett, a hunter and who’s specialty in the early 1900’s was killing man-eating tigers and leopards in India, or Fan death, a South Korean urban legend.

Be prepared to waste at least 20 mins on this list.


3. NPH as Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman


2. Sign Me Up

In honor of tomorrow’s big SEC tilt:

Brunelle says: “GMODT would love this.”


1. Twilight = werewolves falling in love with babies

GMODT came across this recent article highlighting the silver lining to Twilight mania…apparently the final book is batshit crazy and according to Mitch “might shatter the unintentional comedy scale“.

From the review (lots of NSFW language):

I will not rest until I have seen a movie in which a werewolf falls in love with a baby. Hell, once I’ve seen a werewolf fall in love with a baby I may quit movie watching – I will have seen the ultimate culmination of a century of cinema. The entire film of Breaking Dawn would play like the weirdest exploitation film since Doris Wishman died – brutal sex, bizarre body horror, unbelievable pedophilia.

A werewolf falling in love with a baby. This is why Thomas Edison invented this shit in the first place. So we could see a werewolf fall in love with a baby.

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