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We’ve been talking about snow quite a bit around these parts and frankly I’m sick of it.  I’m going to take a break from whining about the white stuff and throw out a movie recommendation for you before we get going with The Feed this week.

Don’t be the guy who gets roped into seeing that sure-to-be-craptastic “Valentine’s Day” with all the famous people and take your lady-friend to an action packed romp featuring Mel Gibson doing what he does best…just straight killing people.  The general public wants to write Mel off after he took a left turn at crazy town during his DUI arrest but in his latest flick “Edge of Darkness” he goes back to his Mad Max / Lethal Weapon / Braveheart roots and does a real Mel Gibson movie.

Add one part vulnerable leader, two healthy slices of meaningless violence, a dash of tragedy, bake for two hours of non-stop bad ass revenge and you have yourself a certifiable Mel Gibson blockbuster of yore.  Edge of Darkness is at least as good as Ransom.  Plus it never hurts that Mel plays a guy with a strong Irish last name like Craven.

I’d easily give it an E for effort.  Just remember that when you’re stuck getting in touch with your emotions this Valentine’s day.

Grab a reservation and set the mood lighting because it’s time to get fed.


Honorable Mention

#1 NBA H-O-R-S-E : Looking Back Over The Years | A Stern Warning

J.A. Adande, NBA writer and talking head, calls the NBA All-Star game the “Black Super Bowl.” Now you know.

#2Why Hello There

Giant Swimsuit Issue covergirl Brooklyn Decker (aka Mrs. Andy Roddick)  towering over Midtown Manhattan


5. Prepare To Waste 5:27

You know those annoying GIF images that all us internet nerds think are hilarious? Yeah mash them all together and put it to music and you get pure black tar viral sensation.

The internet: where techno beats + half dressed girls + Spock + people falling down = success?  I don’t really understand it either so just veg out and watch for yourself, bra.


4. Because Sometimes You Don’t Need Words


3. The Sporting Mind

We wasted your time with that GIF mashup so to pay you back here is an interesting article from the New York Times about the American sports psyche and how it shapes our society and values.

American sport teaches that effort leads to victory, a useful lesson in a work-oriented society. Sport also helps Americans navigate the tension between team loyalty and individual glory. We behave like the British, but think like the Greeks, A. Bartlett Giamatti, a former baseball commissioner, once observed.
Full article


2. This Is What You Get When You Follow Rodger Ebert’s Blog

World War II anti-Nazi propaganda is one thing. WWII anti-Nazi propaganda starring Donald Duck? You have to see it to believe it.


1. The Muppets experience life in the comments section of LaxAllStars

Final thought: If we were having a “Best Muppets Ever” fantasy draft I would have the Swedish Chef as a late round sleeper. He was versatile and understated but always brought it in the comedy department.  And yes I do think about these things.

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