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Alrighty… Another week, another pay check AND a little vacation. And just when you need it the most, The Spoon Feed is back.

Speaking of checks… Another season of college football began last night, and another unprepared team landed on the blue turf in Boise, Idaho ready to give the Broncos an ass whoopin. It was an embarrassing game for Oregon Ducks fans nationwide (disclaimer: 2 LAS staff members are alums). And if the game couldn’t have gotten worse, all hell broke loose afterwards when LaGarette Blount from Oregon thought it’d be smart to deck an a Bronco smack talker. Great move, LaGarrette, real classy:

The force of his right-handed haymaker knocked the 241-pound Hout to Boise’s blue turf. Hout was seen on replays jawing at Blount, but the retaliation by Blount was perhaps the sport’s ugliest incident since the 2006 brawl between Florida International and Miami.

Source: After Punch, the Cleanup Begins [New York Times College Sports Blog]

While Blount’s season is probably over since he’s currently getting sponsorship offers from energy drink companies to become an MMA fighter, let’s hope the Ducks smooth their feathers and get after it. It’s time for first year HC Chip Kelly to throw some fuel on the fire. The talent is there. They just need to put out the Blount.

Speaking of MMA, we all remember this guy right?


“The actor with three first names, Jason David Frank has decided to give MMA a shot.  He gained early fame on the hit series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and is now devoting his time and energy in a different direction–mixed martial arts.”


In sports news, Chris Cooley is the man. He took over Jimmy Traina’s SI Hot Clicks for the day and we’re pretty sure he killed. Let us know what you think.


More sports:

The NBA is preparing Twitter guidelines for players. Let’s hope Stern doesn’t mess this one up.

There’s nothing like a diehard Mike Holmgren fan. Just look at those tats!

Another must-see: College Football’s 40 Hottest Fanbases

And finally, no words needed… this is just great:



If you didn’t catch this post, make sure you take a look.


Here’s a couple more nasty fingers to add to the list.


From 3stacks:

Drake’s Rise To Fame And Fortune (FADER Cover Story)

Really interesting article on one of the most buzzed about artists in music

I’m on my Disney thang, goofy flow/ I’m Captain Hook on the beat and my new car is Rufio/ Damn where my roof just go/ I’m somebody that you should know/ Get to shakin’ somethin’ cause that’s what [deleted] produced it fo’/ I make mistakes that I don’t ever make excuses fo’/ Leavin’ girls that love me and constantly seducing hoes/ I’m losing my mind like, Damn where my roof just go/ Top slipped off like Janet at the Super Bowl

Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne & Eminem:  Forever


Last week’s photo:

Last week’s winner: JUMBO JACK with “Would you like some heartburn with that dodge??”


MLL_Joe Sweeney

A rabid Joe Sweeney attacks Scott Rogers during his recent photo shoot at the IL studios. (courtesy of @Inside_Lacrosse)

What you got for us Lax Nation?


Finally, ever wonder what a venn diagram of mythical creatures would look like? Here you have it! Wtf.

In a special addition to The Spoon Feed, we have an interesting suggestion and video sent to us from reader DaddyO:

The two managing partners of LAS need a theme song and this one came to mind.   Cowboys seems to fit since both are from the dusty plains of Oregon and Idaho where they still ride horses and carry their six-shooters into the different than NYC.


Okay, that’s it for this week’s edition of THE SPOON FEED.

Have a great Labor Day and don’t do anything LaGarrette Blount wouldn’t do.



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