The Substitute’s Weekly D2 Roundup


The Lax is out this week so consider me your “Weekly Roundup” substitute.  Stop throwing those spit wads in the back row and lets take a journey around the wilderness of MCLA Division 2.

For this roundup I’m using the MCLA Lax Mag poll because it’s my party and I do what I want.

Friday 3/26:

Fort Lewis at #9 Utah Valley University

Utah Valley went 3-0 in their games at Willamette University in Oregon and are giving Westminster a serious run for their money in the RMLC with a tight 1-goal loss earlier in the season.  Fort Lewis is trying to climb the ladder and show they belong with the big boys.  This game will help shape the standings out in the Rockies.

Saturday 3/27:

#2 Grand Valley State at #1 St Thomas (in Ames, Iowa)

One thing about Division 2 is that the top teams certainly don’t duck each other.  Feels like every other week we have top 5 ranked teams battling it out. Everyone knows what St. Thomas can do, but GVS out of the CCLA has a huge win against Dayton under their belt.

2 for 1 Sunday 3/28:

#2 Grand Valley State at #5 St Johns (in Ames, Iowa)

St. Johns came out on the short end of the Top 5 Battle Royale back in Davenport with losses to the Panthers and Dayton. Can they have a better trip to lovely Ames, Iowa? Time for St. Johns to prove they can avoid the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” kind of season.

Harding at #19 Kennesaw St

In years past Harding has been a major player on the D2 stage but this season is no bueno for the Bison from Arkansas with some crushing losses (25-2 to Tenn Wesleyan, 21-5 to Mizzou Baptist).  Kennesaw State is an up and coming squad currently tied with TWC for the SELC 2 lead.  The Owls need to keep winning because TWC has the tiebreaker from their 1 goal win earlier in the season.

Dymski (#47, middle) is our PTW

D2 Player To Watch: #47 Andrew Dymski, Goalie from Grove City

Andrew is not only leading the Wolverines defense to a sparkling 5-0 record and #9 ranking but he’s doing it with some impressive goalkeeping to boot.  Grove City has yet to let an opponent score more than 7 goals against them and Dymski has a 76% save percentage.  Also, he’s on Twitter so this kid is hip and with it. His Twitter bio tells the story:

“Grove City College student & RA. I love marketing, communicating, leadership, lacrosse, smoking my pipe and country music.”

Goalies smoking a tobacco pipe a’la Sherlock Holmes while saving shots left and right? Keep that up against Dayton and we may have G.O.A.T. material. Follow him on twitter @andrewjdymski.

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