Is There Such Thing As A “Perfect Pocket?”

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Is there such thing as a “perfect pocket?” That’s the question that has arisen in this week’s Forum Friday. The poster really wants to know what the characteristics of a perfect pocket are, so we would have to assume that they think there is such thing as a perfect pocket. However, instead of a pocket that is perfect in terms of working for everyone, I think the question may be looking for more general qualities. Let’s take a look…

550CustomLax posted the following:

I string lacrosse sticks and have been wondering, what are the aspects of a perfect pocket? Not really the pocket you use but the characteristics of a perfect one.

What do you think? Is there such thing as a perfect pocket? What is it, how would it look, how would you string it? Let us know in the original post!


  1. While some pockets are more technically sound than others, such a conversation will invariably revert to an argument of preference. Players can get it done with loose sidewalls and undefined pockets. For those looking for some nice examples of different pocket types, check out SK’s uSTRING tutorial.

  2. I agree I know this goalie who has a tighter channel in his goalie stick than most shortsticks have (Dont ask me how he got it that way) and is the best goalie I know not to mention he could hit a fly at 100 yards with that channel. I ale have seen people play with pockets at the extreame ends of the head

  3. A perfect pocket is a pocket (if you know how to string) is a stick you string yourself, to your specifications, and your playing style. Simple as that. There is no such thing as a universally perfect pocket for everyone. You would have to go back in time and change the rule so there is one pocket that is legal. All there is to it.