Thirsty Thursday Tahoe Lacrosse Drop

Woozles 2011 Jerseys
That big W!

LAS is in Tahoe right now.  Well, some of LAS is in Tahoe, the rest is still spread out around the world, laxing it up in their very own way.  To keep things fresh, we’ve dialed up a nice little Thursday Lacrosse Drop for your reading enjoyment.  This post will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it can help you become a better player (or Paul Rabil can), and it is definitely Woozley.  If you’re not in Tahoe this year, come next year.  It’s a must.

The World Simply Needs More TURF!

I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I grew up playing almost exclusively on grass, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about, but people seem to love turf.  Give ’em what they want.  More turf, please!

Putting down turf
Looks like hot Summer employment! Thanks to Steve Layne for the photo!

Good To See They Still Play On Grass In Cali!

Just when you think it’s safe to be a turf field, the Adrenaline Elite All-Star game gets played on grass.

Good call, Adrnl crew!  Nice highlights, WestSideLax!

Can’t Shoot 111mph?  No Problem.  Be Crafty!

Paul Rabil is known for swim dodges and 111mph rips, amongst other things.  But in this clip, he really does a great job of explaining how to make a goalie move away from your shot.  It’s simple, but incredibly effective.  For anyone who has gotten a lot of shots on cage, but they turn into saves most of the time, this is simply a must watch video.  And then PRACTICE IT!

Rochester Finally Wins A Game!

I’ve been pulling for the Rattlers all season.  They have an interesting mix of talent, I know a couple guys on the team a bit, and I was excited to see a team back in Rochester.  Upstate needs pro lax!  Now they’ve got a new coach, and seemingly, a new attitude.  The close game finally went their way.  Nice to see.  My only gripe is that I can’t watch these games live.  Ever.  If a game isn’t on ESPN2, I don’t see it.  Why?  Cablevision blocks (yes, seriously) and none of their regional partners show games.  I’m literally pulling my hair out over this and considering a switch to Fios.  Killing me, Cablevision.

More On The Lacrosse-iest Day Ever At The White House From Laxpower.

Hofstra Is Quite Possibly The Transfer Capital Of The World

There are kids flying in, and out, of Hofstra lately.  5 leave for Marquette, 2 comes from OSU, more come in, more leave.  Must be crazy being Seth Tierney right now!  And it makes it VERY difficult to predict where they’ll fit in in 2012.  But with all these changes, one would think they’d need at least a year to sort things out.  Unless this is just the way it goes, and then they might be able to embrace it and roll with it.  Could be very interesting next Spring to watch!

Connor Martin: Funniest Lacrosse Player Alive

Just watch…

Tahoe Goodness

Woozles 2011 Jerseys
That big W!
Woozles 2011 Lacrosse Jersey
Nice backside!
Lax Ball Tahoe
First lax ball sighting in Tahoe
Rory's Woozle Mobile
Rory’s Woozlemobile


  1. Reasons why turf is superior
    1. You can plow it.
    -This allows, my team atleast, practices and home games before mid-April

    2. It’s (almost) always consistent. You don’t have to work
    about the creases turning to a dust/mud bowl.

    3. Less day to day matinence. (mowing, striping)

    4. It can be played on while raining and not be destroyed.

    Now in places where grad can be grown year round and it’s always sunny, turf isn’t as necessary. But anywhere it can snow well into March and April, it’s a necessity.

  2. is that shooter for me? since im #12 and all. btw back in high school and it being our first year we got the practice soccer field as our home field. One side was a dust bowl while the other side was a swamp and we learned to love it? Why? Because we knew the ins and outs of it, and it gave us a slight advantage. Honestly I prefer natural grass any day.