Thread Count: Bigfoot Lacrosse, World Cup Stockings

The “Bigfoot Summer Lax Tour” has begun. Bigfoot Lacrosse Club (Portland, OR) will be reppin these unis all summer long in Tahoe, McCall, and Victoria. They’ll also be in Vail at the end of this month, though the jerseys may not make it in time.

Probably the coolest summer unis that have been sent to us so far… Really digging the tree landscape & numbers. You?


Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, South Africa… probably offers the only socks you should be wearing this summer.

Speaking of which, is this not the best Nike ad ever??

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  • Those Bigfoot jerseys are sick, the shorts could use a little something, maybe a stripe with a similar outline to the numbers?

  • what lacrocosse lauge are the taem call the bigfoot in and if thir isn,t a taem call the bigfoot we soued panln geting one in our cargery

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